AAR Advice

Currently level 60 AAR. Which secondary class is the tankiest if I am going clairvoyant set. Thanks for the help.

Spellbinder, time your mirror with mark of torment.

Spellbinder RR is also passively activated as opposed to warlock.

Well, Spellbinder, obviously, though Clairvoyant set doesnt bring much “tankiness” anyways. It simply lacks armour.

You can abuse Exposed mutator (-20% armor, +8% cdr). If you mess sth up you can always blink out and kite in circles until Mirror-MoT is back on. Undodgable ranged stuff like Anasteria’s Devastation, Kaisan’s Eldritch Bolt or Salazar’s Doombolt have no phys. If you kite well armor is of little relevance.

OP, spellbinder is top pick for AAR. Full endorsement.

I fully support this statement… :slight_smile:

Spellbinders are really versatile, you’ll always have something for every situation.

Thanks! @BOG in one of the posts it said you were posting a beginner guide or something. Did that ever make it up?

What need is there for that, when such a guide exists already? It would be a job for nothing.

If you’re talking about Malawiglenn’s AAR Mage Hunter I believe he pulled it from the forum.

I believe i’ve downloaded a copy AFTER he’d done that.

Yeah lol. He pulled it and said BOG was posting a better one. I should have downloaded!

I wasnt posting any yet, but… i think i might do soon as well, to get his big mouth shut.

Hahah Nice.
Am I able to use mythical essence of grim dawn to leech until I can get a correctly rolled conduit?