About level scaling

Grim Dawn is best ARPG i played since Diablo II. Except for this huge thing, that is sapping my will to continue investing in it.

Yes, it is a solution to get rewarded for staying in the same area farming for too long. No, didnt ended well for games that tried that, last i played SWTOR, that lost much of its community since “quality of life improvements”. It just created more problems in the overall.

Personally, love challenging games, and Ultimate mode delivers that. I wish that farming with underlevel monsters started to give 0 XP sooner than actual, deaths were more punitive in all ways, and such. I loved Diablo I and II, played for years, got the best of it and all that. So i am very far from meaning game should be easier.

But to end argument, gameplay is confusing right now. Level scaling is not jut a countersense to me, nor a bad memory, it also is passing me the impression that balance is messed up, making some monster stronger or weaker than they should be, and its even worse if they are near each other. (i am alredy considering resistances, an type of dps…). I am not sayig am right about that, but its sad and as experienced player, i cant stop blaming that system.

Loved Ashes of Malmouth! I hope to see level scaling gone, so i can enjoy next releases! :slight_smile:

Sorry, you’re a little vague. You mean that locations should have had static enemy levels instead of adjustable within range? What exactly is wrong with that?

For example, i felt that its a lot more easy to make a rush and pass a chapter, killing juts the enemies in my path, than to clear all the maps (i like to clear 100% of things, get everything with every char). The less level i had, the easier it became. So i have to play carefully, not to get strong, to make maps and bosses easier? That will never make sense to me.

I completely agree with you. Level scaling is one thing I don’t like about this game, it devalues sense of achievement and progression. I wish levels were static for every part of the area, but that would mess up balance so bad, because game had this mechanic in mind from the start. If game would have no level scaling from the beginning of the development process, then I think it would be possible. Maybe, when they make Grim Dawn II, they will remove level scaling

Yeah, I noticed that too. As I said in previous post, it makes balance weird, especially if you want to explain problems about balance in feedback. It will be different for every player, depending on how they play and progress… For some, it will be harder just because the way they play the game. Leveling should make you stronger, but in this game, leveling actually make game harder and for same areas where you already been

I think there’s something extremely wrong with deliberately slowing your levelling speed when the goal of the game is essentially reaching level cap, the quicker the better.

I’m more or less aware of the issue (if it could even be called as such), it backfired at me once when I was speedlevelling with potion of clarity - my level became high and that caused stronger enemies, but my gear wasn’t adequate. I solved the issue by stockpiling useful gear pieces for levelling rather than gimping my levelling speed.

That is not my experience at all. The more levels I have the easier it gets for me.

Um, you like challenging games, yet you play carefully, skipping areas to make the game easier. Now I’m :confused:.

Just my 2 cents but I like how the game has a dynamic system for level scaling - it means you can play through the Acts/Story at your own pace whether that is slowly (during your first playthrough of the game) or quickly (when you have learnt where to go for sidequests/the main story). I agree with mamba, things become easier for me when I have more levels.

This is one issue I had with Torchlight 2 - the game has static zones. When I was playing through early on (From Frosted Hills to after Mana Wastes), I felt that I had to go out of my way to do every sidequest to be able to keep up in levels, otherwise I would start to fall behind. This became apparent on repeat playthroughs and it became tedious as all hell, so I only ever did one full run of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

My view… I’ll never understand level-scaling haters (its been a shoulder-shrugger ever since I first saw people posting complaints back in the Morrowind/Oblivian days). Especially when it comes to this genre. I’ve never seen a single convincing argument against it that doesn’t involve “boohoo, I want to go back to early areas and murderize baddies ez” and I don’t expect I ever will. Gear and build your toons even half respectably and this should never be much of a problem anyway. In GD it is all too easy to annihilate opponents that drastically outlevel once you have an inkling of what you’re doing.

Never gunna happen in GD. It’s been in the game from the start (re: literally years now). They won’t rip it out just for you and a few sympathizers. The boat left the dock for that option a very long time ago.

I’d suggest turning to the modders or modding yourself. Maybe in the next GD iteration but somehow I doubt they’ll go for it there either. Best case scenario? Perhaps they’ll make it a toggle but historically Crate is averse to the “toggle-rama” syndrome. Guess it remains to be seen if that mentality holds out in future games.

This may be an unavoidable aspect of a game where gear becomes more and more important as your level increases.

Oblivion? I’ll fight you. That was level scaling done wrong. Bad wrong.

I don’t remember Morrowind having any level scaling at all though. :confused:

It was more referencing the time frame I first started seeing topics about the subject alot. The specifics of those particular games have slowly faded over time.

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Don’t know about Morrowind, but in Oblivion it was handled so goddamn badly. You would become weaker as you level up because your gear couldn’t keep up with the enemies scaling to your level. Then you would get maxed out gear but enemies would still keep getting stronger.

Not to mention how an enemy that give you shit in an early level, still giving you shit in a later level makes no sense. It makes it look like your character hasn’t progressed at all. This issue can be easily solved by introducing completely different, stronger enemies in later levels (which Grim Dawn does, to an extent), while Oblivion would just reskin enemies.

Yep, it seems we got the same gaming experience. Its weird to explain, because there are a lot variables, but definitely some player will be very sensitive about balance and rewarding logics that level scale brings.

I played like that for a time, just to make sure it was not just a 1-time impression.
We agree that there are something wrong by doing it, clearly not as intended. Thats why i said it didnt make sense xP

Yes, the backfiring can always be overcome… thats the simple part IMO.
What really bothers me, is knowing the weaker i am, the more rewarded i will be. When the enemies are at their lowest, i feel can pass them easily and reach Ultimate sooner. That could even be a more efficient way to get stronger faster (didnt tested).

Have you played Diablo I and II?
Its seems not. Thats why you think difficulty has something to do with level scaling :slight_smile:
I recommend trying the fight with “High Council of Zakarum” in Hell mode, its only the Act III, but it can change your mind.

Also, i said i dont mind the game being more punitive, including giving 0 XP sooner than actual. In fact that would be better i think. That seems like a person who enjoy standing the foot?

Think again.

Too bad there’s a level cap to each zone…it’s higher than probably should be for some zones…BUT the minute you open up Xpac area in ultimate with creed’s item thingymajingy then all zones become dynamic.

I will go back to veteran mode and enemies in the first area are still low level…enemies in burwitch are still 20 or less.

There IS a softcap.

Tried Bremm Sparkfist, Ismail Vilehand, Geleb Flamefinger, Maffer Dragonhand, Toorc Icefist, Wyand Voidbringer in Hell mode? Then you know what i am talking :slight_smile:
Level scaling and difficulty are two completly diffent things.
A player can dislike one, and like another.

I had never agreed with this being “wrong”. It’s just one way of doing things. It’s not like fixed level approach has no issues.

Ofcourse you can pick some moment when your character is strong and complete a bunch of content in a swoop. I remember speedrunners were able to kill log on normal with sub-30 characters. So what? What most people care about is if your character can do hardest content. You can’t tackle hardest content without items with lever requirement of 94+, so it’s the difference of 6 levels at best.