About planting trees

I hope that planting trees can add shortcuts, one by one, one by one is too expensive to operate


If you’re planting trees for wood, you’re not utilising work camps efficiently. Set up work camps, which then will cull only mature trees. Move the work ring regularly in order to change the working area as to not overforest one area.


But the number of trees needed in the later stage is too large, I have cut down all the trees in half the map, I want to try to carve out an area to plant trees and then maintain the number of trees, the camps in the wild are always attacked by bandits, the loss of personnel is very large, and the allocation of resources is also time-consuming, including the planting of fruit trees, I feel the need to add shortcuts

Umm yeah, upkeep becomes way too high demanding on wood. Sustainable forestry for the win.

How late are you? I am using 4 work camps for 250 plus pop and it’s easily enough. You will maintain the number of trees if you just re-adjust work camp circles every 3-4 years. Bandits only attack every 3 or so years, so I don’t personally think the loss of 4 people max from a work camp is that bad. Yeah add shortcuts for planting trees I agree, but you shouldn’t be having any issues with wood gathering in late stage if you use camps correctly.

Off what late game we are talking? I have quite a large city (around 500) 7 working camps which are fully staffed and move their working area in each year, i dont have wood problems in a greater dimension…

I still wish i had regular tre planters for timber farms, but it all works quite fine this way now

For more than 70 years, the city of 600 people, about 8 work camps, has cut down all the trees on the south side of my city, and if it were not for the trade to buy timber, it would have collapsed.
Now I buy all the ingredients of the merchant.

And there are a lot of bandits in the later period, all of them are hundreds of people, and all the bandits in the later stage of my map are from the north, so I dare not put the work camp in the north, otherwise more than a dozen people will die at a time, although I do not lack labor, but I do not want to die

It may be that my fence consumes a lot of wood, and the demand for wood in the later period is indeed very large, my city currently has 600 people, but I have cut down half of the map of wood, and at present I mainly rely on buying wood, otherwise I can’t keep up with the consumption

997 population. Planks and firewood consume a tonne of trees.

I had cleared most forest within reasonable distance and the map was looking barren. Now forests are coming back and it’s looking awesome again. I love seeing the aged maples around.

I had uncovered the whole map trying to drop work camps beside every forest possible trying to keep up with demand for both wood and stone

The update will hopefully remove the need for me to replant my forests. But for now it helps keep the city running. I’m due for my next maintenance run, so stocking up on stone, planks and bricks and keeping the building queue to a minimum, waiting for the buildings to all show that dreaded health bar.

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That’s fair enough you guys are much larger population than I like to go. I’ll experiment and get a city up to 700 odd and see how I get on with wood and work camps.

I put a watch tower near the camps.

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I do all of the above including planting, work camps, wagon. I do wish arborist could do the same work with all seeds. An arborist planting and harvesting fruit trees is great. They should also have a work circle and plant trees in the work circle. Nothing else needs to change for work camps or the laborer to harvest for wood. Works great and is balanced. The change to arborist and its tier would be my only suggestion from the above.

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You say “remove the need for me to replant my forests”, I say “provide game mechanics to solve for…”.

this is ok for the beginning of the game but once the years ramp up… more and more raiders sometimes attack making a single watchtower pointless beyond possible letting some people get away

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