The State of Early Access - Update #01

The reception to Farthest Frontier so far has been fantastic and we’re glad to see so many of you enjoying the game, providing feedback and reporting issues. The game will become the best version of itself thanks in part to your support and contributions. It’s the very reason we wanted to do early access again for our second title; the community is showing us that it was the right decision.

We’ve been busily reviewing your feedback, getting bug reports to TOP MEN, and we’re now ready to talk about some of the changes and improvements you can look forward to in the near future, and throughout early access. You can expect this to be the first of many updates we post during early access to keep you in the loop of how things are going and where we are headed.

This is in no way a comprehensive list of what will happen in early access, but we’d like to address some of your top concerns.

So let’s dive in!

Table of Contents
Performance and Optimization
Trading Post
Starting Experience
Quarries, Deep Mines and Forestry
Spiritual Buildings
Production and Storage Management
Graveyard Repositioning
Barns and Cows
Town Showcase

V0.7.5 Update

First up, we’ve nearly wrapped up work on v0.7.5, which is packed with balance changes, bug fixes, and even some new features. You can look forward to this update in the coming days!

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Performance and Optimization

We’re sure the question about performance is on top of many lists. Optimization is an ongoing effort that will progress through all of early access. The plan is to introduce improvements as they’re ready, so you can expect to see better performance as we release updates. We’ll be sure to call it out whenever we expect to see major gains.

Some of the current performance issues that you’ve reported and are on our radar:

  • Hitching when opening UI windows
  • Hitching when the desirability overlay is displayed
  • Hitching when buildings are finished
  • Hitching when cows are fenced in
  • Performance degradation at high population
  • Excessively long loading times
  • Memory use accumulates when rerolling/restarting maps frequently

One issue we have already resolved that should get much better in the upcoming v0.7.5 update is a memory leak that occurs when reloading repeatedly. This was a nasty one that could quickly eat up your ram, slow down load times and potentially cause the game not to load at all.

We will continue to monitor for issues with loading and work on fixes to get you all in the game and playing.

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Trading Post

We have a number of things lined up for the Trading Post.

First up, the current notification for a trader arriving is very minimal (just an icon over the building). We prioritized improving this. In v0.7.5, you can look forward to notifications and a sound that let you know a trader has arrived, and which trader it is.

A circular icon will appear in the top left of the screen whenever a trader is in town and ready to trade. This should make it much more obvious whenever traders are available.

Dev Update - Trader Present

In addition, the trade union has paid its dues to the fire brigade. Fires that erupt at the Trading Post will now get properly put out in v0.7.5.

We are working on addressing issues with traders not arriving, traders leaving immediately, and upgrading the Trading Post. We hope to have fixes out to you ASAP in a future update.

Another thing we absolutely want to add during early access is the option to request a resource from the next trader, for a premium price. This way you can always get a critical item for your town without having to wait for the right trader to arrive. This is coming in a future update.

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A New Starting Experience and Game Difficulty

We hear your feedback about the game being challenging to get into. Some of this is by design, but challenge does not automatically mean frustration. We are working on adding many more tutorials in future updates to help ease you into Farthest Frontier’s many mechanics.

We also understand that many of you wish to have a more relaxed way to play Farthest Frontier that isn’t as pressed for resources.

We’ve created a new map type: Idyllic Valley. This map is teeming with resources of every variety. If you’ve been looking for a place to settle in the frontier where everything is provided for (well except Heavy Tools, those do not grow on bushes), this should be your go to selection. This is now the default map type when you select New Settlement.

In addition, we’ve updated the map descriptions and added difficulty indicators to make it more clear what kind of a challenge you’re setting yourself up for.

In a future update, we plan to incorporate difficulty scaling for Food Spoilage and Crop Diseases, so those playing on Pioneer will have an easier time maintaining their food stores.

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Moar Resources

We’ve heard your feedback regarding the sustainability of towns in the endgame, so we are taking some measures for v0.7.5. For starters, we are significantly increasing the resources within mineral deposits.

Trees will regrow faster and produce more wood. This should make Work Camps with 2 workers able to chop trees without any additional micromanagement for a long time, if not indefinitely. Full Work Camps focused on trees will still likely make quick work of a forest, but the assumption there is that you need lots of wood and fast.

For those hungry for stone, we are adding the mother of all rocks to the game. Behold! The megarock! This behemoth should sate hungry cities for generations. It is however just a (massive) stepping stone to a long-term solution…

We have also addressed an issue where some resources, such as herbs and willow, were generating outside of the pathable area. No more confusion about what resources are accessible to your villagers.

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Quarries, Deep Mines and Forestry
For endgame resource generation, we would like to add several new types of buildings: Quarries and Deep Mines. These new endgame structures will serve the purpose of generating an endless supply of resources for your town so that you can work on perfecting your creations for as long as you see fit.

For wood availability, we noticed some of you have resorted to using décor trees to sustain your towns. While this is a fine workaround, it’s not exactly an enjoyable one. We are discussing solutions for sustainable forests. Ultimately, we want there to be a way to maintain forests on the map without requiring so much player micromanagement. Stay tuned for a future update!

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Spiritual Buildings

A popular request is churches. You may have already read some of our thoughts (and prayers) on this one, but ultimately the initial implementation of spiritual buildings has come down to development time. If we do spiritual buildings, we think they should come with some sort of mechanic, and not just be a barebones entertainment or desirability option.

There is also a question of what form these buildings should take. For some, the answer is obviously a church. Maybe some sort of quaint, wooden church as seen in most of the small New England towns. But wait, is the game set in the Colonial period, should it be a big medieval cathedral instead? What about a Norse temple? Maybe it’s not set in a real time period at all?

Where the game is set is something we’ve largely left for the player to decide. Players should have the freedom, while crafting their own charming town out of the wilderness and watching their people get mauled by bears, to imagine the details of the setting as they see fit.

So when it comes to religion, we’re not sure that a church is necessarily the obvious answer. It could be interesting and allow for more creative player agency, to explore a system where you get to choose deities who could confer different favors upon your town. Or who knows, maybe when the friendly traveling merchant, Scorv Egdenor the Butcher was in town, he’s secretly whispered to those willing to listen about the glorious return of RAVAGER!

Whatever we do for this category of buildings though, we’ll want to make sure it’s another fun and engaging mechanic that adds a meaningful layer to the gameplay, rather than rushing something in just to say we have it in the game.

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Production and Storage Management

There are currently some limitations for resource management that we’d like to address in future updates:

  • There is no method to transfer resources between storage.

    This is an issue we are working on. The worst example of this issue is how the Trading Post appears to gobble up your resource transfers, when in fact it is keeping all your items in a secret limbo storage. Your items are still there, but they don’t show up in any town storage building. That is something addressing this problem will also resolve.

  • There is no way to set quotas.

    We would like there to be a way to set a storage to always keep at least X of a resource. That way you can have a main drop-off storage say for logs, but another one further away will always try to keep at least 100 logs in stock for nearby production buildings.

  • There is no way to set production limits

    This one is a must so you have better control of how buildings are outputting materials for your town. Mainly, there needs to be a way to set a way to halt production if your town has at least X of the product, and a way to halt production if your town has less than X of a material. These controls should offer much more powerful options for managing your town’s resources.

  • Finally, we are planning on adding a way to check/uncheck entire categories of resources in your storage buildings. Just a small quality of life change, but a valuable one nonetheless.

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Graveyard Repositioning

Mistakes were made and you buried grandma right outside the compost yard (or maybe this was your evil plan all along?!). You feel guilt swelling up inside you and you want to relocate that graveyard.
We hear you on this one.

Some method of moving the graveyards would be nice. We’d like to come up with some kind of cost to doing so however as that should be a choice not made lightly. Perhaps a gold fee may suffice to pay off the local necromancers not to raid their supply.

Expect more on this in the future.

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Barns and Cows

There are a number of issues with Barns and Cows that we are working through. Slaughtering cows stops working, milk production stops working, cows stop generating new cows, upgrading to a tier 2 barn or relocating/rebuilding your barn can cause cows to vanish into the void.

We’ve addressed a number of these issues already for v0.7.5 and whatever we do not get to will be promptly addressed for a future update.

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New Decorations

Making a beautiful town is one of the highlights of town builders. We’re working on giving you MOAR options so you can have even more variety in your builds.

Here’s an early (work in progress!) look at the new decorations already in development:

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Town Showcase

You guys have been making some awesome towns already, so we’d like to draw your attention to some of our favorite images around the internet:

Showcase 01

By u/Littlenold

Showcase 02
By u/SteamyNooodles

Showcase 03
By FrontierBuilder

Keep them coming and perhaps we can make a habit of sharing your best with the rest of the community!

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Hey there. Thank you for the update and the continuous work you are putting in. I’m looking forward to continuing to play this game as it grows and evolves over time.


This is awesome - I’m very excited :smiley: Thanks for sharing with us. I think many will agree that we’re super impressed by how active the devs are on this game and how they’re really making an effort to listen to their games’ players rather!


going infinite on resources is VERY APPRECIATED.


Thanks for the update! I especially like that the sustainable forestry got one step closer. Micromanaging my wood production was one of the reason I was starting to lose interest in my tier 3 towns. And great to see the Barn fixes as well.

As for religious buildings with an actual use, I wouldn’t know. I personally don’t think they are important either. Maybe churches would reduce the need for entertainment in their area? But citizens don’t need (and aren’t all that busy with) entertainment in the current state anyways.


Going infinite on resources is a bad idea, I do understand most people would like just to relax and keep building, and by all means that is fine do it on easy mode, but for those of us who want a challenge, a realistic one, as it is right now it’s great. No where in history a town had infinite resources, while I do agree with having a huge mine of a random resource would be ok, having each type like that would kill the resource management fun.

please keep it realistic and challenging on hard difficulty, also it would be interesting to see other biomes like savana or desert, maybe even tundra like where summers are shorter, or jungles where winters won’t be a problem.


Bahaha, that is exactly what I did with my graveyard - constructed right now to the compost yard. I am dying to move it.

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Bridges… please?


this 100%, there is a lot of people who wants infinite resources, they want build in peace, etc, but there is a lot of people who want a real challenge (more than the last difficult), please devs do not forget us.


Awesome list of improvements. Thanks! Would also be wonderful to have a Pacifist mode that still had bears and wolves, assuming that was an easy change to make.

Loved this post and it addressed a lot of questions/feedback people have given so far. The spiritual section sounds very exciting. Moving the graveyard requiring some real investment is a great idea as well. Would like to really feel the weight of such an undertaking. Speaking of undertaking, maybe in addition to gold and labor, someone should have to staff it for such a big move. I guess it should also depend a bit on how many bodies are there too. Thanks for the update!


To elaborate on that, I think the game has the potential to implement some kind of wood preservation system, like IRL. For instance some old, dry trees could generate forest fires if you don’t cut them, and vice versa, if you don’t rotate your areas of wood harvesting, the forest can’t regrow.
For the deep mines, I suggest the devs to increase the illness potential or reduce the life expectancy of these workers. Everything should have consequences IMO.


Very impressed by both the current game, and all the improvements and additional buildings/decorations you seem to be working towards.

Also the communication has been stellar :clap::clap::ok_hand:


you can just not build deep mines if you don’t want to go infinite


They replied about bridges elsewhere. the tl;dr is that it is a large code investment, and will most likely come out in a DLC

I think infinite stone and wood are fine but it should still be something you manage. Like a quarry is a great idea but your ROI should substantially decrease as the rock gets harder and you should need to move it fairly often. I definitely don’t think there should ever be infinite ores or anything though. Maybe after you exhaust the easy stuff there can be a mining method to find hidden pockets of resources but I would never want to see something like infinite ways to get gold or iron. There should always be reasons to have a healthy trade economy in this game.

It stinks so many people are put off at having to trade for stuff to make buildings function that you might not have the tech to run yet. I think that was brilliant game design and I hope to see heavy tools stay that way and I hope that some late tier items are introduced that function in a similar way. Maybe some upscale art for a gallery or books for a library or something. After all, it is the farthest frontier, you shouldn’t have the ability to just fill those out with production


so… just don’t build Deep Mines

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No. the point is less micromanagement, not more. facepalm


That is what the idle map is for though. Not the harder ones. It’s just realistic that the deeper you go into rock the rate will decrease. You can still set it and forget it but after a few years it will just produce less


Quick feedback for the “A New Starting Experience and Game Difficulty” part. You have the easiest in the upper-left, right next to it is the hardest version. Maybe have the easiest be on the top row, going from easiest to easy and on the bottom row, normal through more difficult. Just a suggestion. I love the updated map and new feature though. Good update!