About the Wolf's lair

I think we need to add a button to the Wolf’s den page that allows us to destroy the Wolf’s den.
Because, every time my builders walk by a Wolf’s lair, they destroy it by default.
I am learning English,so my English not good.

That may be a bug. Actually, wolf dens can be “mined” for additional food. Put two or even three hunters’ cabins (and there’s a bonus if deer are also present) near the wolf dens – but not TOO near. The hunters will hunt the wolves as well as any deer that may be present, and will butcher the wolves, too. You get a fairly steady extra portion of food for your villagers. Your English is just fine. Welcome to the forum.


You just answered to a question if mine.
Yesterday i found that 3 wolf dens i had around my village disappeared. I placed 6 hunters around it and always i had a message of villager attacked, and out of sudden it stopped and the wolves were gone.
So its like “mining”? Never again in the future will they respawn in the same place?:thinking:

I never had that experience when I was playing the “normal” game (with raiders, etc.). I never had a wolf den vanish like that. Sounds like a bug, kinda like the recent one with the disappearing stone. Having become weary of having to deal with the pesky raiders, I decided to play in Pacifist Mode. In that mode, we do not have raiders, but we also don’t have wolves, boars, and bears, so we miss out on the opportunity for extra food.

Yep, that little “cave” is not there anymore.
I think i killed them all for too many times…:eyes:

Makes me wonder if wolf dens have a finite capacity, like mines. Maybe after a while, the wolf supply runs out, as the mines run out of ore.

If you kill all the wolves and the hunter gets too close he’ll go up and destroy the wolf den. In fact, any villager will.

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Oh…i see.
So thats what happened then…lol😪

most effective way to farm wolves is to not put their work radius on top of the den, just “fairly close” and also have one guard tower nearby. I have farmed 4x dens all close by with 3x hunters and 1 guard tower. Did this for like 25yrs until i just got tired of them and needed the land.

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