Acolyte of the Dying God - Flame Albrecht's Glass Caster

Acolyte of the Dying God

This is a VERY HIGH DAMAGE flame Albrecht’s Ray build with bonus damage from Pyran’s enhanced Devastation and other goodies. With 160% Crit Damage to it, Albrecht’s *Flame Ray can critically hit for up to 130k six times per second, dealing a potential 780,000. That’s without introducing Devastation with full flame conversion, Rain of Fire or Fissure. The highest crit I’ve seen with Crucible buffs is 192,000. This would have been either from Devastation or from Albrecht’s Ray. Either way, with all proc damages and skills active, the damage would be sustained for over 1,000,000 per second for the duration (about 8 Seconds with Devastation).

The build is a glass cannon, with only about 9k hitpoints. It helps that you heal for 4% of AAR damage (which is a lot due to the damage output!), with strong damage mitigation from Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Aura of Censure and Inquisitor Seal.

Here’s a quick video of frying everything in Crucible.

While the build IS fun to play with Crucible buffs, it’s low HP makes the character quite precarious to play otherwise. The damage output IS fantastic, and the ability to down many bosses within seconds is a lot of fun, but fighting anything that forces an elongated fight (like Kra’vall) may prove risky and difficult.

Click Here For Image of Stats, Skills and Gear

**Enjoy :slight_smile: **


Your gt links to YouTube

Thank you, edited :slight_smile:

Cool. Two suggestions if I may.

  1. Imo, you should be using a belt with +1 to masteries, maybe Arcanowieve Cord with +1 to all. Too many things are untaken/underinvested in. Like not even 1p in Arcane Will or Nullification. Not maxed Inner Focus, Deadly Aim, Censure, half-assed Mirror. More skillpoints will benefit you better than anything here. Also, if you use Box for proccing always take Tether, too. It adds a few hits per second, and procs devotions much better.

  2. Arcane Currents is only good(-ish) for either tri-elemental builds with full conversion from aether or vice versa. Your build is predominantly fire with no global conversion from aether. I’d look at other devotions.

Also, I wonder how this Pyran/AAR thing work with a sorcerer…

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Interesting take with this build, I like the concept.

Although when I play AAR hate to click on other skills and interrupt the cast :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

You’re right, some extra skill points certainly wouldn’t go astray.

In terms of Arcane Currents, that was a very last minute and not very well considered decision. I’d previously had the extra point on the rain of fire devotion for +100% burn damage, so I just took it and moved it to Arcane Currents because I figured it’d do slightly more damage :stuck_out_tongue:

I mainly had that devotion for the elemental damage and the DA bonus it gives, not so much for the devotion proc.

One of the things I was thinking of was maybe looking into this Pyran/AAR with Occultist+Arcanist, for extra damage absorption, and longer ranged ele RR, more phys resist and regen. What do you think?

I understand :smiley:
The playstyle I’ve chosen is to do a couple of clicks first (seal, debuffs), then where possible hold the cast… I try to minimise interruption of casting by just initating the fight with everything else as a set up.

The build could be tweaked for a more fluid playstyle though, for sure.

it’s pretty damn good! I never tried MH variant of fire and while the lack of free rr hurts a bit, but you get so much devastation it’s a nice build for sure

Coming to this on Aug of '22, and really liking how this looks.

I’m just getting into the game with my boyfriend who’s going to be playing a Necro/occultist summoner to form a frontline, and this looks like it would make a great backline DPS to pair with it.

My only issue is with the number of active casts - I really struggle managing several active casts in combats, as I get overwhelmed easily and often forget to cast things, or know what to cast when. How much of this build’s AAR damage is reliant on the extra active casts?

I went through after looking at the build for a while and tweaked the skill distribution to drop the Word of Renewal and Storm box, leaving AAR for main damage, the Seal for general buff, Devastation as a fire and forget boss dps boost, and the Mirror as an emergency ‘oh shit’. I didn’t really touch the devotions, because I REALLY wouldn’t have a clue on how to tweak/optimise them to remove any redundant points having removed two of the actives. (Leaving linked devotions skills unlinked)

Do you think this would still be viable without sacrificing too much of the AAR dps? I’m not too worried about the survivability, since I won’t be solo, and will almost always have a wall of minions between me and the pain.

The other alternative I’m looking at is a Physical AAR Templar which I like the look of because it’s not really reliant on continuous active casts, BUT, it doesn’t look like its built for raw DPS the way this is, and it doesn’t seem to use any Set items, a game mechanic I’m especially fond of. (Silly to be concerned about, I know)

Any advice or feedback would be helpful here. Thanks in advance, and thanks for build guide.