[] Behemoth - Physical AAR Templar [SR100] [4.25 crucible] [All celestials] version
GRIMTOOLS version version

Just play arcanist, lol


How did this work?
  • As we already know, converted physical damage ignores armor (example). Thus, fully converted AAR (also know as one of the best sources of damage in the game) creates one of the most efficient physical build.~

Physical damage got basically redone in during the test of 9.2 and now its just great w/o any gimmicks.

Gear explanation

Gear crafted for %slow resistance

  • Inashkor’s Head - core item. Although, mod to AAR is useless (because everything is already converted, and it has flat physical damage, which means, it doesn’t ignore armor). Mod rules now.
  • Black Matriarch - BiS for any physical build.
  • Albrecth’s Duality - to hardcap Disintegration.
  • Decree of the Circle of Five - the only physical dagger/scepter so far, great stats, garbage granted skill. BiS
  • Rah’Zin’s armor - it’s just great here. I (lee, actually) couldn’t find a better slot.
  • Clairvoyant’s Robe - +2 to Disintegration and the rest of stats compensate for %damage loss.
  • Gargabol’s Ring and Harvoul’s Mark - simply %damage, very advised to get as much as possible due to physical’s damage interaction with armor.
  • Formidable/Devastating MI’s of the Eagle&Wolf - +3 both to AAR and Disintegration, tonn of stats, lots of physical resistance.
  • Aether Reach - points to AAR, %CS, finally some flat aether damage. Didn’t age well, lol And the flat is back again.
  • Essence of the Grim Dawn - %CS, +3 to AAR , 4%ADctH and that Mandate mod - exactly the stats build needs.
  • Ravager’s of Flesh Dreadgaze - +1 to all masteries, resistances, a lot of %health, 4%cdr and nice granted skill. Can be replaced with epic version
  • Windshear Greaves and Kalastor’s Mark - a tonn of useful stats
  • Deathstalker - best physical relic unless you have soldier in your class.
  • Gladiator’s Distinction - S C A L E S. Just scales, but still a great belt.
Shattered Realm performance

Finally, I have a build, that might (might!) be able to kill Gargaban’s second phase in one try. Jokes aside, it’s really stable in deep SR. The only mutators that are not welcome are -%hp and +%physical resistance to mobs. Reaper require a lot of kiting, as well as Kuba and Kaisan (probably the toughest one).

Have recorded several full runs in SR90-95, here are some of them:


Even Mad Queen shoudn’t be a problem there, because arcanist.

Crucible performance

Practically immortal in CR

Naked Extra Spawn:


Avatar of Mogdrogen an easy one, but still takes a lot of time, because 90% phys resistance and absorption.

Ravager of Flesh “Waltz” is our way here.

Callagadra - Took me 7 attempts to kill, the real danger here are sand tornadoes, Calla’s damage is not that devastating.

Crate of Entertaiment - I don’t really like that boss, could had done it much faster.


It is @mad_lee who’s made this build shine. Before his changes (steroids) build had been quite underperforming.


You beat me to it. I had a similar idea but didn’t tried it yet. Looks awesome. Although the DA is very low for my taste.

Thanks. DA is kind of overrated on casters, in my opinion. Like, you can just get brutal and star (no idea how it’s called properly) mutators and someone like Iron Maiden will crit you, regardless of how many DA have you acquired. It’s just not worth to stack a lot of DA.


Oh, I didn’t know this was posted already, I had one suggestion to @mad_lee, guess I’ll post it here:

Also would some elemental magi ring like anubar be better than sethris? You lose ~110% phys/trauma in exchange for more than double the proc damage that doesn’t go through armor, and does a bit of lifesteal

Grats on the build! i never thought phys AAR would work that well with that amount of support.

conversion will mess up AAR damage.
UPD: Oh, actually - no. My bad.

It’ll only affect the 51 damage mod from amulet/gloves. The rest won’t be affected as transmuter/skill mid conversion always goes first before global conversion

The only thing - sethris proc has 0% WD, it’s RTA. And both weapon damage and ADctH is quite pathetic. So lifesteal will be almost unnoticeable.

It shouldn’t actually. Gloves/amulet damage boost to AAR should be converted by skill mod.

@grey-maybe Great build, mate, I really enjoyed playing it. It’s super tanky and damage is pretty sick as well. Takes the mantle from my Blade Arc Witchblade as the best all around physical build.

It’s also super fun to play and doesn’t really have any drawbacks.

I got dumb.

It’s better - converted physical damage doesn’t care about armor. It just completely ignores it.

Yeah only the added flat physical has to worry about armor

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have recorded naked crucible extraspawn (8.25).


Azraaka bound to Vire’s, active Vampiric Shadows rune, no other changes. Real time is 5:13.


So, the build received a buff in 1.1.7 (+200% damage to off-hand and +1%DA/OA to shoulders). So the performance slightly improved. From 5.45 in my hands to 5.15 according to buff timer (idk the real one for But don’t forget about the fact that now mobs are less likely to stuck, so, it’s not that crucial.
Itemisation remains the same.

Here’s the video with best performance in my hands (I’ve done 6 runs):


Minus 51 flat damage was rather an insignificant nerf. And mobs in Crucible have almost perfect agro. Thus, it’s almost a pure joy to play there now. Thanks, Crate.
Thus, I’ve recorded this 4.59 (-1 second is completely fair and non-biased) run. The gear remained the same.


Nice and tanky AAR, thank you, comrade


hi. I want to try this build on hardcore. What do you think about using krieg set for armour and helmet? or even 3 pieces for boots too. How to make this build more tanky? Conduit amulet is a better option for hc?

Greeting. I’m not an HC player by any means, so I can’t really help you. However, about the amulet - I tried both conduit and Essence of Grim Dawn and the last one is better in terms of tankiness. The %WD and %ADctH are too low. About the armor set - of course the helm slot is the biggest problem, on softcore I would go for Gaze of Empyrion. As for 3 pieces of Krieg set - not sure, certainly good choise for farming the rest of the items, but for the final spec - seems worse, the armor gain isn’t that big. You can just spend like 50 points in physique for better DA and health, but you still need ~2.9 OA to crit regullary in campaign.

thanks for reply. Do you have any opinion about secondary class choise? i tought about soldier over oathkeeper. I know this will be the differenet build but do you have any tought about this?

Soldier is just not worth it. It’ll be easier for leveling, sure, but at the end - you will significantly lose in damage and survivability.