Add iron ingot count to HUD or make it customizable

Other refined building materials are listed on the HUD for easy reference. Unless I’m missing something, iron is not among them and I frequently have to check my iron availability lest I commit to buildings that will take ages to finish while they wait on iron production.


Yes! I noticed this early on.

I second this. Can we please get more resources up in the screen UI?

I’m not sure how much more can be crammed into the upper UI bar without making things too tiny to see, even with UI scaling turned all the way up.
But possibly a drop down for resources that shows the global supply of iron ingots and raw ores and such that can be accessed from the upper UI bar? A simple down arrow you can click on that opens a list that you can do quick look at that shows gold and iron ore, iron ingots, water, etc., instead of cramming more icons up top. It’s already a bit busy for my old eyes.

Even better then, allow us to customize what we see on the HUD from a list of possible resources?

If you press R, on the top right there are some nice “view options”, enabling some/all of them make it much clearer. Still have to press R every now and then to see your resources tho.

Aye, can use R as well, but if the UI was designed modularly it should be relatively easy to surface that to the user, let us monitor the resources we want to monitor.

I got firewood and lumber down, but these next few years I want to focus on e.g. coal, iron, sand, and glass. Would be a useful qol feature, no?

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