Add movespeed to green and purple devotions

Yes, and I find this to be quite unprofessional and creates an unwelcoming environment. Feedback is supposed to be about feedback and the effect of said change, not what you think of person x or their intentions.

The fact of being a “top builder” should be totally and utterly irrelevant in a thread like this, no?

Yeah. There have been quite a few good posts that advocate for some-kind of solution (even if nothing to do with devotions), at least something good came out of this.

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Here ya go… here’s my entire quote. Lets get a good view of it…

It’s a simple couple sentences of me voicing my opinion about being fine with whichever way the wind blows concerning whether Zantai decides to humor the topic or not. It’s blunt. Not over the top… simply blunt.

You decided to confront it because you perceived “danger” - there it was just sitting by its lonesome until you came along and decided to turn it into an issue and into more than what it was/is. It woulda just sat there, passed on by the traffic of the thread. You could have taken it for what it was and carried on. Instead you made it a larger issue.

Back on topic again folks. This isn’t about how feedback is given, it’s about adding (or not) movement speed to green and purple devotions.

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Response to feedback is quite important though. A little disappointing, but OK.

If you want to talk about it then start a new thread.

130%+ Movement Speed is not “mandatory”. It is nice to have and the decision to go for max Movement Speed is part of the whole trade off game. A devotion like Sailors Guide is by design a generic T1 defensive devotion that a lot of builds can profit from and it is not a wasted investment if your goal is more movement speed. This is IMO a legitimate design decision by the devs and I tend to agree with that.

The point that the introduction of movement runes made the game more generic doesn’t work for me because Masteries that already have movement skills in their respective trees now have the option for 2 movement abilities. This distinguishes them from the rest.

Having said that, I’m not vehemently against adding at least another option for Movement Speed to the devotion tree or making Mark of the Traveler/Mark of Mogdrogen more viable options. I just disagree with the notion that every character should have max movement speed by default and therefore designing the game around that.


Is anything?

GrimDawn is one of those games where you can set the goals for your chars and achieve them in different ways.

Not even picking a class is mandatory if one’s goal is to simply finish the game’s story mode.

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Unless you want to spend your time with your face in the dirt and ass in the air, you better overcap res outside of MC and even that can be arguably incorrect.

Someone get some hard data on what it would be like to do high SR with 80 res with no over cap or CR naked with no over cap. Bet most people, regardless of skill, will be taking a lot of dirt naps.

Again, corpses don’t need MS.

I have to agree with @powbam on all levels.

There are so many options to have MS but the mind frame is trying to squeeze more dps for faster CR clear times. Again, you don’t need to be geared to the absolute teeth to farm MC really fast.

Out of all copies sold, how many of them are actually “pitch forking” more movement speed…bet you it’s barely any.

You don’t need it capped to clear 65+ SR, I can attest to that and I am sure others can too.

So really what is it for?

Again, use other options, utilize greens after 1.7, find something better to argue about, maybe?


Play Pet builds and come back to me on how important overcapping res is :smirk:

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“NO U!..”

…ok, you win the internet for the day… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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As someone who became a playtester during FG testing partly because I liked the sound of SR, I can attest to this for sure. Have done SR (including 65+ runs) with builds that did not have capped move speed many times. Edit: Honestly, I largely ignore move speed, lol.

Not exactly hard data, but in my experience going into SR 65+ with some half-baked builds that had barely capped resists, this does indeed lead to a lot of deaths. :sweat_smile:


This holds true for any argument being as the forums make up around 0.5% - 1% of the game’s population at peak hours.

There is nothing better worth arguing for than what people find desirable.

These are the only comments about going faster in Crucible in the entire thread. One might observe that they are limited in number and more limited in source. In fact, it has been repeatedly claimed by Crucible buildmakers that Movement Speed is not necessary in Crucible at all. So no, you can let that argument rest.

Would more globalized MS minimize Crucible times? Probably. But that’s never been the point and it isn’t worth pretending it ever was. The point has always been that there is a stark difference in the feel and quality of a build based on whether it’s moving at capped speed or not.

Edboi hit it in one:

As to giving feedback on feedback:

If you aren’t invested in the topic…

There’s no reason to get involved, and there’s especially no reason to label feedback as petty or nitpicking.

Also the phrase is “couldn’t care less.”

And another thing.

It is hypocritical to deny feedback sourced from the Crucible experience and at the same time seek feedback exclusively from gameplay experience. I have long protested - and will continue to do so - against the game being balanced around the Crucible but those that play the mode are equally entitled to offering opinions on things as the rest of us. It is only natural to offer feedback on what people like or dislike in their gameplay experiences. You don’t see me making many pet threads or caster threads, do you? No, because I always tend toward melee, particularly dual-wield. I’ll write books on Cadence, for example…
…because Cadence is my area of expertise, being as it’s where I spend the most time in the game, being as it’s my favorite skill in the game. For others to want to see their favorite things improved, I welcome such feedback to the forums and it’s only fair we all do the same.


Those are all good points but the main one you didn’t address was the fact that most of the individuals who want this kind of change want to do so to maintain some semblance of power that they had without compromising and using a “crappy, bad, shitty” component or augment or devo path that might not let their build be optimized.

Anyone know how many builds posted for CR have “must have 135% run.”?

In addition, how many posts of builds are for speed running MC? Come on now, most times those build guides just get their cereal pooped in. They get criticized, ignored, etc.

Now don’t just cut and paste one or 2 trying to straw man me out. Full counts of all builds comparatively across all patches post CR and SR and we will see what the numbers are.

Also, the 1.7 patch is not being used in the context that a lot of pieces will be filled by MIs that are now not as accessible (or already were I guess due to gdstash, but meh)

Striping away all the bullshat only shows that @powbam is right. Use other components and augments. Then instead, ask for other things like more building options, more side grades, functionality, or anything else that can be done before everything is finished. For non purists, mod it.

I posted my comments for one reason, not that I cared so much as to whether it should or shouldn’t be done. I posted because Crate can use that time to do so much more for this game by making other things when there are already a ridiculous amount of movement options in game. Period.

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I honestly want to see more about their new town builder game :stuck_out_tongue:

My 2cent for whatever it is worth towards the OP. While having more movespeed is nice, I’ve never found it to be a stat that I really notice. (Unless it was on my sorc with like 3% total speed) Anything over 110% is fine as long as slow resist is near cap.

I’ve seen candle come up a few times as being weak… I agree that after the removal of flat the only real attraction is three points for 4 affinity to me, but that is still a pretty strong point imo.

Ultimately there are a lot of options to gain movespeed at a trade off for certain builds. Tbh I would put movespeed on something that is used less frequently like affliction, typhos, a wing of raven, or changing casting speed on wendigo/magi to total speed.

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I have no issues with current availability of movement speed. I also don’t appreciate being spoken for
w/ stats pulled out of thin air like “90% of players agree maxed movement speed is mandatory.”

Wasn’t there some stat from the devs about how the majority of players never even enter Elite or higher?
I have a feeling that many are not concerned with max level uber builds wearing all BiS, clearing bosses in Ultimate. Maybe in that scenario you do need max movement speed, and I’m just a casual who tools around in Veteran and Elite.
Just rubs me the wrong way when someone claims to speak for the community. The stuff that’s posted about on the forums has to be a small fraction of what players are actually doing, and IMO there’s very little that’s “mandatory” to enjoy the game.


Once again, Crate does not need to be defended. They are more than capable of deciding whether feedback is worthy of dev time. This kind of response is not the moral high-ground people seem to think it is, it is the opposite. Everyone is supposed to be welcome to post their gameplay experience, without being “that’s wasteful dev time” shamed.

I though Maya won the internet today…apparently you did. That is about the most terrible argument I heard all week. Where is your “moral high ground” comments for people who want to change the devotions because their optimized path doesn’t have MS.

Making that comment only places you on the same ground In which case you shouldn’t be on here claiming Crate doesn’t need defending when your comment is on the same level.

Let’s look at the facts before, thereby loading brain before shooting off mouth:

A) I want devotion a, b, c to have MS because to play x build I am required to go y path. To deviate makes my build subpar (in their eyes as this is a single players modable game)


B) I don’t wanna use x, y, z component/augment for movement speed because then I can’t use the really good component or augment to reach some breakpoint that, once again is driven either by personal desires or by someone on the forums.

Result: change devotions so I can continue to go the path I want

Telling me that I’m high and mighty in one breath as saying people have the right to come here to make suggestions at the same time is paramount to hypocrisy.

My opinion on the matter (gameplay experience) is the same as theirs.

Let alone, let’s not forgot that your attempt at a post didn’t even address any of the issues itself.

Thanks, nothing to see here…move along.


I think this “discussion” has run its course…