Add setting to setup length of year

for me the year is too fast…my idea is we woluld be able to setup the length of the year :slight_smile:

For the arid land, it should not have a bad winter.

it would be nice if the summer was bad (too hot)

Why? It’s arid highlands and thus would surely be (generally) colder rather than warmer. One of the most arid places on Earth in is Antarctica… arid means dry, not hot.

Now, an option like in Civ, to be able to chose an overall environmental factor would be nice: hotter/normal/colder.

The old Settlers 6 game, which had a bunch of vastly simplified Medieval-Era ‘town builder’ elements to it, also had a choice of, I believe, 4 different ‘biomes’ you could start with:
Standard - similar to the weather and plant life in FF
Cold - sort of Scandinavian: long winters, lots of evergreen forest, short growing season.
Mediterranean - less ground water, ‘dry land’ forests (thinner, smaller trees), much shorter winters with a lot less snow and almost no ice (little frozen shallow water)
Dry - just short of desert. Ground water severely limited, but Oasis-like concentrations of it around small lakes. Year-round growing season (no frozen time, just some rain in ‘winter’)

Not for Initial Release, but a ‘Biome’ DLC would be a wunnerful addition, giving a lot more variety to the map-types we have now: a Lowland Lakes in a Dry climate would have a lot of dry depressions with maybe some ‘damp’ spots instead of Lakes, a Highlands in the cold climate would be really, really Tough for the masochistic players out there.

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