Add support for "unarmed" builds and add new "fist" weapon class

I liked for my role-playing in some other games to play with “unarmed” melee classes. Their attacks look like punches in boxing or other martial arts. Grim Dawn lacks such mastery/skills/weapons but has basic unarmed attack with extremely low damage.

  • “Crate Entertainment” can add in a future DLC a new mastery with skills using “unarmed” attack animations.
  • Also add new weapon class “fist”. Weapons of this type may be “hand wraps” (or “boxing gloves”) which have [physical + internal trauma] damage and “knuckles” with [pierce + bleeding] damage. Both weapon types should have highest attack speed of all of current weapon types and a chance to avoid melee attacks.
  • Additionally may be added elemental damage with each punch for those martial artists who go the way of a melee/spellcaster hybrid.
  • It would be wonderful also to add to the game new skills on gear and components, new stats working with various “fist” builds, new constellations.

Until then it would be nice to have unique “maces” (or something else like “Totally Normal…”) that looks like boxing gloves and adds new powerful skills with animations of unarmed attacks.

There are no more expansions planned for the game and that’s the only way a new mastery would be added. Also new animations are expensive to do; this sort of mastery has been asked for before.

Development on the game is winding down so apart from a few more small updates that’ll be it.

What medea said. New masteries or weapon types are incredibly unlikely at this point. You can either hope for them in a sequel years from now or look at modding them in yourself.


Modding… It always helps. )))

I know about fist fight in “NCFF” mod Monk mastery and in “Diablo3” mod for Monk mastery. So, I think, to play these mods is the best way to wait for a new DLC.

People need to come to terms with the fact that there won’t be any new mastery or DLC for Grim Dawn. Also, I think that the concept of unarmed combat in this setting is kind of silly. Why would you want to touch an abomination made with burning corrupting magic with your fists?


Because of role-play and magic at may be not silly. Writer can implement background story for this mastery in non-lore-breaking way.
A lot of things that I do in world of “Grim Dawn” I would not want to do in real life. So I see no problem for my immersion with a new fist-fighter.

The mere fact the game has a definitive edition should clue in on people that more masteries and expansion DLCs are not coming. Because why would you release a definitive edition only to release more expansions after?


Oh. I am not so smart. I thought that if a developer can have more money then after “Definitive edition” it is possible to add new DLCs and release “Epic edition”, then to add new DLCs and release “Legendary edition”, etc.

Oh… Some movie creators manage to sell several new movies after “final” movie in a series. And some singers manage to release new albums and give concerts 20+ years after their “final” album. And some writers artificially raise from dead protagonists killed in “final” chapter of their successful series of books just to write and sell more books.

What am I about? If it would be financially beneficial, than name “Definitive edition” would not stop developers from continuing to enhance this game.

P.S. I bought “Grim Dawn” in year 2018 and I did not know about “Definitive edition” release.

And most of those are considered terrible because the band/movie series/book series had a satisfying conclusion and now it just feels like the person continuing is only doing it solely for the money.

It would be a dick move to release a definitive edition only to add more expansions after. Because i know for a fact that some people have been waiting for the definitive edition so that they can finally play the game.

And it may be that we’ll see a GD2 somewhere in the future. But for this edition the devs have made it clear there’ll be no more expansions/DLCs except for a few more smaller content updates.

Definitive Edition only came out towards the end of last year so fairly recent.

There’s an Xbox port waiting for the game to be finished so the base game and expansions can be bundled up for that launch so another reason to wrap the game up development wise.

Sadly you’ll have to do it yourself. I’ve got 4 unarmed monk style builds going right now, my most recent is playing through Hardcore. You can read about him at the bottom portion of this wicked awesome thread Here

Here is the grimtools link for Boris, remember this is Hardcore, and only level 38 and using self found gear (thats why the sub par options), however it should be noted that at near max attack speed he pounds the hell out of everything hes come up against so far.


And here is the link to my most successful Unarmed/monk style build. This one is Softcore, so much further in the game (level 80)…

Might Guy is designed after my favorite Naruto character, utilizing +% to all damage proc bonuses in order to thematically open the “8 inner gates” and close out boss fights. He has a brief opportunity for this while all the procs are enabled which grant him an insane +860% to all damage, during which he uses Mirror and Aether Cluster to elongate a temporary window of invcincibility so he can pound the boss without fear…

However… When the window closes, he is left extremely vulnerable to counter attack and can easily be killed, so he better hope his final attack ends it!

Unfortunately, using a shield was nessecary I found in later stages of the game he needed some kind of healing ability (Overguard), and so the shield had to be used. I dont feel using a shield is unlike a Monk but, needless to say it hurts the unarmed/hand to hand aspect, and leaves me wishing for the very same thing you do- A true dedicated unarmed mastery, or at least fist weapons. But hey, we do what we can with what weve got!

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Ah… I liked the story of your Tsarevich. So fun to read. I like to role-play in games. It gives me more then half of fun from gaming.
But for unarmed walkthrough I would rather use mods and edit them as I find necessary. The mod has class Monk, and the Monk has 1 skill for fist punch and 1 skill for palm strike. Also weapon slots are not empty. He can use some kind of boxing gloves.
If it does not break your immersion, then I recommend to use “NCFF” mod with its Monk mastery. Personally I use “Dawn of Masteries” mod. It includes “NCFF” mod.


It is not “Diablo3” mod. It is in “NCFF” mod. It is included in “Dawn of Masteries” mod.

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The game already has “unarmed” animations. We just need a weapon type that uses these animations and counts as unarmed. I don’t know how hard it would be for the devs to implement this but Zantai once corrected me on reddit when I said it was hard to add weapon types… so I assume it wouldn’t be too difficult.

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That must have been a long time ago. Any requests I’ve voiced for this have been shot down or torn up by various members on the forum. It’s not happening.

If you’re asking for it to be added into the base game, yes of course it will be shot down. I’m not advocating for that but to instead add mod support for it so modders can add it properly.

There’s already mod support, yeah, my main desire a while back was for it to be added into base game in FG

Ok you completely missed the point seeing as you actually think there’s mod support for it.


I assume what @ASYLUM101 meant that expanding the list of “Qualifying Weapons” in DBR files of game (and implementing support for this new options in game engine, of course) is not so hard. But it will allow modders to implement fully functional fist weapons later.

Currently it is possible to create special item (belt, for example) with passive or active skill with “Qualifying Weapons” set to “unarmedOnly”. So this skill would be active only if both weapon slots would be completely empty.
It is not very good option, because there will be no stats on empty slots, no components or augments could be applied. So builds with this special item may be underpowered or overpowered depending on other items used.
In “Path of Exile” game there are special items like this for builds with completely empty weapon slots. But it is absolutely different game with different possible combinations of stats and skills on items.

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