Aegis of Menhir Retaliation Build - Help

Have you guys any idea to improve My Aegis of Menhir dps without lowering defensive abilities?
Maybe some devotion tips?
Thanks !

#1 easy way to improve dps would be to include rumor devotion proc in your devotions. Since most of your abilities from items convert to acid, that would be ~30% general increase alone from RR (but slightly less on Aegis, since it doesn’t convert physical->acid).

And then the OK guardians could provide some acid RR for a similar increase. (probably more, since they also have physical RR). This would cost ~30 points of skill adjustment, though.

And another general RR devotion could help, as well. This includes manticore, revenant, tip the scales, or even simply the component Mark of Dreeg for the 10RR (which ~10% damage increase = gets applied with %wpn damage such as Aegis, Vires might, etc). Note that it does not affect the particular attack damage that applies it, only subsequent damage.

And finally, some phys->acid convert would increase your acid retaliation/damage on Aegis (items, components)…which would only be a damage increase if you were to commit to acid RR.

If you hate all those ideas, there is also a couple of weapon augments that provide a chance of %RR that are applied by %wpn damage, which could help. An example is Essence of Ch’thon. This type of RR is not as effective in a collection (because it is multiplicative instead of additive), but it’s certainly good when you have nothing else. Simply this + mark of dreeg could give an increase of ~25% on a very high resist monster (resists are reduced in this order -%RR, %RR, then reduced RR)


But I forgot that the judicator’s seals give 10%, so I guess 5% is not much of a gain. The augment is probably not the best way for you.

I’ll add that a high-retaliation% relic like Absolution could also help (when active) for an extra 350% retaliation. However, a 400% increase after 2000% is only ~20% damage increase. So RR is your easiest quick-fix.

I think you definitely need them. That RR is too good to pass by.

Regarding items, if you have one, you could also try Murmur’s Kiss.

IMHO, you should also focus more on acid damage / acid retal with your devotions. Here is an example:

Disclaimer: This is NOT my build. It comes from the collection of Chinese builds posted here recently. It’s also not an Aegis build - but the devotion setup should give you an idea what you can try.

EDIT: To free points for guardians, you could for example take them from Decorated Soldier (IMHO not that great for retal builds) and Vire’s might. If you don’t invest heavily into it, you can also make it a onepointer simply to get a free movement skill…