[Aether Caster] Magelord's Divine Missile - Aether based PRM Mage Hunter

This is basically something similar to what I did in vanilla with Spellbreaker and Dual Decrees. The idea of the build is to increase potency of the skill to the point it doesn’t need Devastation. Of course picking Devastation would be a performance boost but our main aim is to not go for it.


Going with MoD is the safer thing to do. You loose like 7-8k DPS by going with MoD

Guide is naturally not formatted and incomplete but the GT link and image should suffice for now. I’ll update at a later time



Stop taking from my (outdated) list of grimtools builds. :mad:

You have an extra point in PRM.

You’ll probably want to revist this idea soon™.

Yeah I must’ve missed it while switching from the “Safe” setup. I removed it before your post :smiley:

Huh, not surprised you thought of something like this :wink:

And you’re right I do plan to visit this at some later point. I am still not satisfied with the build’s performance :undecided:

Doing a similar build but with Decree of Aldritch and Reaper of the Accursed instead of dual wield Mythical Arcanum Sigillis.

Got a Stonehide of Attack Valdaran PRM shoulders. Using a Fateweaver’s Rainment but forgot Diviner’s Rainment also converts elemental to aether.

I’m using Aura of Conviction instead of Reckless Power because Reckless Power kind of sucks.

RIP nightblade and my spellbreaker.

Since I am sucker for spamming builds, probably going to try this one too. Have you tried it against bosses, Chthon? The spellbreaker pre-Aom can, I am sure this one can do much better.

I love all the resistance reduction here, should hit harder than an elemental PRM? http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59782 I wonder if the SS includes procs etc.

Sad to see it’s not pure aether though. Finally a bit of your Chthonian conscience is affecting you? :rolleyes:

I might just need to love this concept since I don’t really like holding pistols and not firing from them, looks awkward! but hey great job here! :cool:

Spellbreaker should still be solid but it lacks life steal and relies on short CD of PB.

I wouldn’t have posted if I hadn’t reached Malmouth. Fabius, Moose and Queen are a confirmed kill
Grava didn’t show up (can murder you if he debuffs you).
Against Kuba I noticed that the PRM fragments allow you to hit all 4 Kubas at once :D. So aim for the right Kuba in the pack
I don’t bother going beyond Steelclap in most build tests these days so I won’t be meeting Aleks anytime soon as I lack some rep

Lastly, janodal’s build cleared Glad 150 at some point so pretty sure his build is solid. If it was pure Elemental it’d have sucked but it ain’t. His build is Fire/Lightning PRM so it’s solid.
On a side note you can use Farath’s Cube for Cold/Lightning PRM + TSS nuker using Eastern/Trozan set using Amatok + Ultos in devotions.

Since i have around 50% WD Reckless Power is the way to go for me. I don’t hate Reckless Power but I do understand the mentality of preferring Defensive Auras

Small question: what are those illusions you use for chest and shoulders? :slight_smile:

Coven Wrath Vestments and Coven Wrath Mantle. No need to thank me, mortal.

Ahaha ok :rolleyes:

I was actually thinking of trying to craft an Arcanist Conduit amulet that has a modifier that adds a bunch of flat aether to PRM.

For those of you who are on patch go for this sweet MI from Ancient Grove (?)

Of course after I return I’ll test things and see for myself if this MI is BiS or not. Depending on whether the conversion affects PRM’s modifiers as well is what would determine if this item is BiS or not

it should affect the modifiers right? if in that case, I am calling it BiS right now, even though I have not played this patch yet, oh the agony of waiting. :rolleyes:

Looking forward to finally touch and play this build! :wink:

Like I said I am not quite sure of it yet

Either way skill point allocation will be changed to incorporate the Crit damage bonus added to one of PRM’s modifiers

I’m pretty sure the conversion affects the modifiers. Look at Mythical Invoker’s Shard for example, 100% conversion aether to lightning, but aether only appears in the modifiers, so…
By the way, I’m also working on a new version of PRM, but running fire/lightning instead since Invoker set got buffed, will see how it goes.

The build will be getting a complete overhaul when I return

Since I’ll be gone for a while this is what you should be aiming for now

BiS medal- Slathsarr’s Crest (HP and Elemental Resist)
BiS Chest- Elite Coven Arcane Vestments
BiS Ring slot 1- HP and Elemental Resist
BiS Ring slot 2 - Mythical Band of the Eternal Haunt

Devotion also got changed and I got Fiend, but that change is minor compared to the gear changes. Focus on farming Ancient Grove boss for its medal

finally finished this build. damage is pretty good and can fairly tank well for a caster! :stuck_out_tongue:

*ss with normal buffs only


-am doing an elemental version too or perhaps a spbinder edition :wink:

How about Elemental PRM with Tactician:rolleyes:?

“That” build is going to be updated tomorrow :D.
After that the FW thread needs an update. Been to lazy to update that one :undecided:

^ i am also playing melee prm builds but still too much in love with the elem range version.

ot: regarding forcewave I have updated mine too. thanks to chaos res additions to earthshatter treads I am back go using beronath ammy for more crit damage. :wink: though elem forcewave setuo is too tempting right now due to outside procs despite the lower sheet skil fw dps…

back to aether prm, I am not discounting and giving up on aether and will find ways to close the gap with elem.:undecided: