After 31 hours of play, here are some modest feedback


Thank you for this beautiful game. I’m not used to city management games but I find the game very nice.

After 31 hours of play, here are some modest feedback:

  • Upgrade of roads. The up should be greater than 2 because the gain in speed is not really felt, especially when the areas to be served are far away.

  • Location of buildings: It is difficult to easily locate a building, especially when the city begins to develop. Maybe put a filter somewhere to zoom right in on the building you want. More generally, even decorations are quite hard to find.

  • Lack of explanation on the use of workers and builders. I understood that to have more workers, you have to remove workers in the trades (miners, blacksmiths, etc.) but the interface remains rather vague and unintuitive.

  • Positioning of paths. It is sometimes difficult to position a path precisely because a lot of decorative elements get in the way. Perhaps, as for the fertility or attraction view, a view stripped of vegetation to better position the paths.

  • Warn that a merchant is coming. It can be part of the game play but I don’t find it very logical that there is not an alert when a merchant arrives at the trading post or when he enters the outskirts of the city.

  • Carter building. I understood that making carters would produce more means of transport to transport goods from one point to another in the city. On the other hand, two carts for a single building seems to me little. Maybe this building can be upgraded to increase AND the speed of the carts AND their number.

  • Crossing water points. The maps are sometimes traversed by a river which remains, it seems, impassable while mining resources are on the other side. Is there a system (bridge or barge) to be able to cross?

  • Zoom in and out and camera angle. Unless I am mistaken, the zoom out and the zoom of the camera do not allow a sufficient overview of the map or part of the map, requiring long trips to find resource areas.

  • Resource types not distinctive enough. Naturally occurring resources (mine, berries, eggs, vegetables, etc.) are not distinctive enough. It is sometimes quite difficult to find a type of resources.

  • Trade counter. At level 2 the counter still only has 2 employees, by the time they go to get the resources, the merchant has already left. Is the number of employees expected to increase along with the building?

  • Transfer of goods from one storage center to another. I couldn’t find how to do it. Is it only possible?

For now, that’s it, but I’ll update this post as time goes on.

thank you for your attention



I would love to have the natural resources be a bit more distinctive, especially when greyed out. When they are harvestable, its more or less fine, but when they are greyed out its definitely hard to find what you are looking for.

I would like to add :

  • In order to be notified when a trader is present. Not a huge notification. But for example a flag hanging below the season bar would be great. It would provide a visual cue that a trader arrived without perturbing the player with a flashy notification.

  • Know what building are destroyed by raider and have a mean to highlight them

  • Have a table where you can know what are in stock by building

  • Have a list of player building

  • Be able to localize or highlighting a building on the map from selecting the player building from a list.

  • A minimap, when you have a hunting lodge far from the colony a mini-map would be great to locate it and jump to it.

  • Be able to enable/disable storage easily with a key-combinaison. For example be able to disable the whole row of food to be stored in a storehouse in order to keep food in root cellar.

  • Just a idea, it may be difficult to implement but i have an idea that a percentage of rotten food could be added to the compost storage

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