After-Death Report !

So I just enterd SoT, with potions on, all res max or over, 10k life, 3500 armor and i think and invisible force killed me, cause in max 1s all my life went down.
No champion no nothing, just 6 skeletons counted, nothing to give reflect d,g, nothing…so i didnt know what to report cause i think it was a bug.

So with that beeing said a report after u die, showing who/what killed u, with what skill, and how much dmg did it do - that would be perfect.

At least i know what to look out next time.

Too bad you didn’t have inquisitor seal, I heard that really helps…

Seriously though, assuming this even really happened to you, it was from skeletal knights reflect and life reduction abilities And I can say with confidence that it would take you a lot more than an after death report to learn how to play this game.

Yeah ! GD stash from ur point of view right ? lol kid…

The ideea is that with any char that has 10k life, all max res, 3500 armor, 100% absorb, etc…it should not be possible to die in 1s without being able to dodge or having time to heal, and especially not from normal enemies.

Bryan hinted at the Skeleton Knights’ innate damage reflection. Would mean, that you were killed by your own damage. A Grim Tool link to your build would as always be helpful.

On the 1st page of that thread, 3rd comment, is my blademaster build, with whom i died. Except that i recently added 1 point to blade trap. I dont have all max res there, cause i was in town just making pics, but when i enter sot i put potions on and go above max to a lot, and 80% to all for sure.

You still seem to deal a lot of physical damage, but you are nowhere near to 80% physical resistance.

Titan Plating, Kymon’s Fury (not sure, if you are already using it; Grim Dawn Build Calculator would make things easier for both of us ;))and Mythical Sigil of the Bear King help you against relected damage. Also some constallations, which you are not using either.

How to reach 80% phys res ? all items have 4-5% max on them, and if u put compos u wil remain with 0 to a lot of primary resistances.
I have the bear medal, but i loose defense if i put it, and resistances.

About dev points…what constellations should i be using ?

And is there anything missing from those pics about my build that the build calc would show ? i figured exact stats would be better to look at, cause those are items i have, the build calc puts the random one, not my stats.

That is the point, you would not be able to reach 80% physical resistance.

The devotion screen of Grim Tools has a nice search function - if you search by Reflected Damage Reduction, if highlights stars in Aeon’s Hourglass, Solemn Watcher, Crane, Owl and Autumn Boar. But would you be able to fit any of them into your build?

A link to someone’s build enables you to check items and used augments. I do not mind values not to be exact yours. In addition the information stays current, even if Crate makes balancing changes.

Just now, again in SoT, normal skels and phantoms, something hits me, drains 10k life in 1s max, i put health potion and pneumatic burst heal while running and not being close to any monster, but the dmg keeps on going like i have no armor, abosrb or res…this should not be possible…i mean the dmg is INSANE for normal mobs. normal no star, no diff color nothing. normal skells as player heigh and green phantoms…wtf…i even have 24% phys res…72% trap - so its not from those unkillable annoying points.

Life was beeing drained at light speed - i wasnt attacking - so not reflect…

Here is the build :

With 2200 DA & 9k hp a lot of stuff might make you feel like you don’t have decent defenses.

9k hp at level 100 in Ultimate for a melee build is just asking to be destroyed. Specially with that low DA.


Oh, honey, no.

Wow, did not even know you could make a build that bad with pure legendaries. Although I knew if it could be done, you’d be the one to do it.


@OP: It takes more than a big armor and resists number to keep from getting killed in this game. I’d offer to help you build your character better, as I also have a lvl 100 belgothians blademaster, and mine has never died…but you probably wouldn’t listen anyway. Good luck complaining about dying to reflect.

I do think taht putting 15 points into counterstrike is a good start for your dw blademaster though, you might be on to something there bro.

Why would you one-point War Cry/Break Morale, why go over softcap on Oleron’s Rage, why Veterancy and Counter Strike, why Blade Trap/Devouring Blades, why one-point Veil of Shadow and Night’s Chill, why one-point Pneumatic Burst, why Bat…

Also, DA and HP are on the low side ESPECIALLY HP, it isn’t worth pumping cunning that high when you’ve got devotion bonuses and Anatomy of Murder giving you all the cunning you need, and I doubt the Unknown Soldier pet is worth it.

Was he really killed by reflecting seals? Is this possible? :smiley:

The Bat is actually fine; the heal is reasonably consistent with a high enough attack speed. I got him some more regular ADCTH too in my revision, though. The Unknown Soldier pet works well enough as long as you’re focused on pierce. After the DA and health numbers, that was his biggest problem, his damage is utterly scattershot, and he wasted points on boosts to types he has minimal sources of. Anyway, I tried to leave the basic elements of the character alone and just make it relatively playable.