Ai Problem (confused villagers) v. 0.7.4

My labourer are picking up clay from my stockyard and going back and forth putting it down and picking it up in loops without stopping. Those labourers are now stuck and don’t do anything else. And if I send them somewhere else another labourer starts the same.

Maybe some more information about that save. There is no clay in my area. at least not in the area I explored. I bought the clay from another trader because I wanted my fields to use it to change the soil (nothing happened they didn’t use it at all so it stayed in the stockyard) then my main stockyard was full and I build a new one. Suddenly the labourer started to get the clay and bring it to the new stockyard getting completely confused.

How you managed to get the bought clay in the stockyard in the current version Oo
Would be really interested in that

I just clicked on transfer item and rolled it in the direction that I get more of this item in the stockyard :slight_smile:

Thought this isn’t possible yet due to this post of the devs. But okay i will check it again :smiley: Would be really nice

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