Farthest Frontier Known Issues List

Here at Crate Entertainment, we are always committed to MOAR, but most importantly we are always committed to ensuring you’re all having a smooth gaming experience and enjoying your time with our work.

As Farthest Frontier has now entered Early Access, we wish to reassure everyone that we are looking at bug reports and hard at work on not only new features and content, but also bug fixes and optimization!

In light of that, we have a list of some known issues, as well as possible workarounds while we continually work on hotfixes and updates:

  • Performance Issues
    Performance optimization is not only ongoing, but it is a top priority for us. You may experience some hitches when opening UI windows, or at very large town populations. This will be largely dependent on your system as well.

    Presently, the game tends to be CPU-bound at high villager counts, so depending on your CPU, your results may vary.

  • Some translations may not make sense in the context of the game
    Translators are not developers and they may not always know the context of how a piece of text was used in the game. If you have feedback for improving a translation, please let us know and we’re happy to review them!

  • When placing mines and pits, the desirability impact on homes is not displayed
    Presently, mines and pits display the overlay for their resources, but they also need to display the penalty to desirability for homes. This will be addressed in the future.

  • Some UI elements are offset or overlapping at 4k resolution with UI scaling.
    4k gaming is still relatively niche, but we are happy to investigate solutions.