Farthest Frontier Common Solutions

We are pleased that so many of you are enjoying Farthest Frontier but, it being Early Access, there are some of you that are experiencing issues.

Some of those have solutions, and others will require patches. This thread is to help with some of the issues you may be able to resolve, or work around, on your end; and a few things that come up regularly that may help with some clarity.

For more Known Issues.

Verify Game Files
Sometimes simply verifying game files is enough to fix issues with games on Steam

  1. Right click Farthest Frontier in your Library and choose ‚ÄúProperties‚ÄĚ.
  2. Select the ‚ÄúLocal Files‚ÄĚ tab.
  3. Press the ‚ÄúVerify Integrity of Game Cache‚ÄĚ button.
  4. Steam will redownload the missing files.

Game stuck on load / Game is taking a long time to load
In some cases, there are actually saves with issues we are actively working to resolve, but some players have had success by turning down the refresh rate to 60Hz and toggling Vsync off.

In some cases, making a town on a Small map instead of a Large map has also helped some players.

Wiping out the save folder and starting fresh has also helped some players.

Another important detail: reloading multiple times, or rerolling/restarting the map, can cause a memory leak, which can lead to the game taking a long time to load or not loading at all. We are working on this issue. Until then, restarting the game can clear this up.

Upgrading/relocating Trading Post causes traders to stop coming
This issue is almost always resolved by reloading.

Moving items out of the Trading Post makes them disappear
Do not panic. These items are in the Trading Post’s limbo storage. The items are available to the town, but they do not appear in any town storage buildings.

We are working on this issue.

Farmers plant crops one season, and then stop
Most commonly, this is because you have not set up a full crop rotation. Make sure crops/maintenance are assigned to each of the 3 rotations.

Note: the rotations in the UI also…rotate! What this means is that when the current year ends, that rotation moves down to Rotation 3, and Rotation 2 then becomes the current year (ie. Year 1). This is why it may appear that your farmers are only planting rotation 1.

When placing mines and pits, the desirability impact on homes is not displayed
Presently, mines and pits display the overlay for their resources, but they also need to display the penalty to desirability for homes. This will be addressed in the future.