AI workflow and path

I came to this game from Cities Skylines; they are both very similar in style. Unfortunately, the developers seem not to have learned too much from the problems in that game concerning the behaviour of the “cims”, and by making them more detailed, simply compounded the problems.

We all have had problems with a villager of one side of the map suddenly dropping their stuff - literally - and rushing off to the other side of the map to deal with some “problem” other there that they really should have nothing to do with. At least in Cities Skylines the citizen units don’t carry stuff to be dropped when their AI pathing decides they should do something else.

The way modders have most successfully tried to ameliorate these issues in Cities Skylines is mostly to do with manipulating the equivalent of work areas in Farthest Frontiers: setting up specific destinations (in the form of allowable buildings) that citizen units should travel between, and the game’s publishers have increasingly adopted this apporach with their DLCs and upgrades.

While I’ve been having a lot of fun with this game, its glaring AI pathing issues are becoming ever more frustrating, and I think they need to be looked at urgently. Villagers need to be much more customizable to ensure they don’t do non-sensical things like abandon their sentry tower to attempt to fight a fire on the literal other side of the map. When I set up a work camp, I should be able to choose to exactly which stockyard the logs will be transported, and not rely on some AI to attempt to come up with a solution: that should be the alst resort, not the first.

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