All items gone!

Searched and tried to fix this with guides here, but to no avail.
My shared stash got reset… Had all stashes but now I miss 2 in my regular and all in the shared.
There must be some backup on the cloud… Please.
Bought FG 12 hours ago, everything was fine when playing. Now I was starting a new session and then everything was gone.
Always played with cloud activated, 219h played.

Cloud saving strikes again. Move from cloud saving to local saves so it doesn’t happen again.


Ok, thank you.
So I have to save all savefiles if I should need to format or get a new compu to keep the chars.
Strange this is not fixed, seen reports from 2015 :frowning:

Since it’s a Steam cloud problem and not the game, not much to be done here. Every time Valve updates their cloud system they seem to make it worse.

Yes, just back up the Save folder you’ll find in My Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn; that’ll have everything you need if you reformat or get a new PC. Do this regularly anyway so your saves are up to date. I keep mine on a USB key; it only takes a few minutes to back up the folder.


Yeah, thank you for the answers, guess you are used to them by now :wink:
Will set an auto backup on those files, land them on another drive.

Yeah, this one comes up often both here and on the Steam forums. Sometimes cloud saving just doesn’t save properly so doesn’t get all the file info.

Also make sure once you’ve moved to local saves that cloud saving is off in both the Steam settings and the ingame Options menu.


Yup, thank you, all sorted.

I got the Google Drive application to backup with cloud first, then I got the GameSaveManager to make backups locally.
Seem to work great right now, will have to see how it works over time.
This was not really what I planned to do with my time today, but Valve had other plans I guess.

Cloud Saving is off on both, thanks.

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