Allagast's Masterpiece - zero greens facetank Mage Hunter for all content (c+)(SR+)(vid)(g3)

Allagast’s Mage Hunter used to be a meme since Allagast set appeared… For now.

GT link and in-game stats (Deadly Aim is active)

Skills and devotions explanation
Classic lightning devotions map, nothing special, but a few points:

  1. Rhowan’s Crown is better here for more RR as soon as Arcanist doesn’t have its own RR.
  2. No Giant, but Ghoul. We have 3 skills with WD, so Ghoul heals us supergood.
  3. No Bat - hard to proc, no conversion for pierce/vitality.

Skill distribution:

  1. Softcapping main Arcanist tricks - Mirror of Ereoctes, Nullification and Inner Focus;
  2. Maxing main damage skills - Trozan’s Sky Shard and Storm Box of Elgoloth;
  3. Softcapping Steel Resolve and Arcane Improvement for res and more damage
  4. 17 points in Word of Renewal for more DA and solid self heal. You may drop it for 3rd nod of Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange line to have more crit damage.

Gear explanation and alternatives
Note: first of all, I don’t use items for aether->lightning conversion. I tried different setups and found this one is the most convenient and all-around.
Note 2: craft at least two items for slow res

  1. Allagast’s set is a must obviously;
  2. Amulet is craftable. Coven’s faction has a blueprint.
  3. I found double Allagast’s rings the best for the build with its juicy res and bonuses. You may use Mythical Glyph of the Storm Witch, Coven Sky Seal;
  4. Parts of Eastern set support Trozan’s Sky Shard. You should get them pretty easy as soon as it’s epic items;
  5. Belt can be replaced with Mythical Phantom-Thread Girdle, Mythical Scales of Beronath or Mythical Cord of Deception;
  6. As an alternative for medal you may take Mythical Mark of Calamitous Desires or Coven Mark of the Arcane;
  7. Relic is arguable here. For more DPS the best choice is Ignaffar’s Combustion/ Eternity. But I am a big Shattered Realm fan, so I chose Bane for more consistency
  8. Offhand can be switched to Mythical Iskandra’s Texts, Mythical Tome of the Arcane Wastes, Farath’s Cube or Rolderathis’ Tome with good rolls.

Setups without Bane is more skill and positioning dependent, but still very resilient.
Bane setup is a bit slower, but tougher.

Avoid Alex’s meteors. That’s all. Really. I made this build for SR specifically, so Crucible is quite easy for Bane setup. However, playing with different relic, you should pay attention to your position. Stay in seal, use Mirror and Nullification smartly.

Shattered Realm:
I like so much playing SR with this build, 'cause it has different defence mechanics (Aura of Cencure, Maiven’s Sphere ect.), red button in form of Mirror of Ereoctes and Nuliification. Moreover, build doesn’t loose much damage while kiting.

  1. Keep Storm Box of Elgoloth and Aether Corruption on heroes, bosses and Nemesis;
  2. Spam your TSS;
  3. Use Nullification to clera debuffs from yourself and buffs from enemies;
  4. Use Mirror vs. Alex’s meteor, and The Steward with his nuke ability (he rises his hands before using).
  5. Advice vs. Reaper of the Lost: facetank untill Reaper summons ghosts. After 1-2 seconds use Mirror of Ereoctes. At the end of the Mirror use Nullification.
  6. Do not facetank Kubacabra, the Endless Menace. This beast has charged attack that becomes more efficient with each charge and spawns Crimson Pools that heals Kuba.

SR 75-80, 60 spirit version.
Avatar kill
Crucible run with Ignaffar. Bane setup is 15-20 sec slower. My runs with Bane has 6:15-7m.


I’m a bit tired, so just a short guide for now :stuck_out_tongue:

0 points in Spirit? T R I G G E R E D

great build tho

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This is love. <3

EDIT: No conversion?


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Prob, it’s strange, but no spirit version is better in Crucible and a little better in SR

Don’t hurt me
I made a couple runs with aether->lightning belt - no difference. Seems like lots of skillpoints help a lot as well as conversion.
The only thing that make a really big difference is a M.I. offhand with TSS bonuses

Nice build as usual!

Allagast was meme for long time but these days Arcanist will rarely fail you. I really dislike in Crucible the Bane relic for Arcanist build. Iskandra or Eternity are so cool. But in SR, I agree with Bane gives you extra sustain. Also nice idea to use Eastern set pieces for TSS and OA boost. Do you think that good TSS MI can beat Cataclysm? Also Iskandra is possible.


TSS MI solves two main problems:

  1. Long cd on TSS
  2. Wide spread of TSS

MI can really skyrocket TSS.

I dislike both of Iskandra and Bane. But Bane is very good in SR. Iskandra, however, is a bit of a trap. Eternity is better on non wd casters. I and @mad_lee proved it to @thejabrixone with his Druid :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the answers!

I just saw the stats of the MI off hand and it looks cool.

About relics, I knew there was some sort of a trick. People prefer Eternity on casters but on my Templar Iskandra was better. But all of my casts have WD, so that’s different. Here your biggest nukes don’t have, so probably Eternity makes more sense.

I mean…didn’t jabby’s iskandra TSS build run eternity? (that filthy traitor!)

I guess he used Ignaffar on TSS MH

Not to mention that MI has 120% more damage bonus :boom:

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Do you have any results for green offhand?

I dont, but I know who does :smirk:
I try to make builds without greens for people who don’t want to farm MIs

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Yo, we await you to post the build :slightly_smiling_face:

Going to share it until sunday, this was a really busy week.

Allagast is fucking great now.
I did 6:15 without banner with allagast MH with a fucking farath’s cube offhand. Cannot die.

TSS is surprisingly still very good despite the loss of cold damage due the that useless aether part.

Thanks for bringing allagast TSS to attention again. Love it…

Though it’s very strong in everything, I don’t like playing Cruci by Allagast. Its true potential can be seen only in high SR. I did a couple of 75-80 runs meeting all possible shit like Korvaak, Gargabol, Grava ect. and died only once, lol

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He is slower than TSS druid or warlock, but strong enough. Another thanks for the build

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