Almost half of the decoration are now pointless

I understand the small plazas caused a performance issue but it seems that they are now a total waste of resources.

I don’t understand the rationale of creating decorations that don’t improve desirability.

Per tier: Improve Desireability / Total

  1. 4 / 11
  2. 4 / 7
  3. 5 / 6

Total: 13 / 24 = ~55% so almost half of the decorations are useless. (unless I’m missing something).

I get the need for balance, but now it seems like I’m just going to be tearing down several houses that could be producing tax revenue to build statues and parks, just to hit next teir. I now have a Theater, Bakery, School, Market (T2), 2x Small Park (T2), Festival Pole and Healer and my overall desireability is still below 65%… Which seems like a bit much, compared to v0.7.x.


Because as said in the latest dev stream every item that adds desirability is more calculations for the game to make which hinders performance.


I’m suggesting that there is a blance problem now. Since the current decs generate about the same desireability as before but we can’t put as many desirability items out then maybe they need to generate more desireability per item to prevent the need to build more of them.

Just feedback, not saying it’s the right answer.


Have you considered creating plazas like roads so they all count as one item instead of multiple?

I think they want you to spread out a bit though. On one level it’s a logistics puzzle, and being able to put all the homes very tight and close make that easy puzzle easier. If you want to cheese it they haven’t nerfed small gardens which are superior to plaza anyway.

This is a good idea :+1:

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I think they want you to spread out a bit though.

Possibly… but then wouldn’t it make more sense for a market to have a wider range at level 2? (So you could move houses out of center and make room for more decs?)

If you want to cheese it they haven’t nerfed small gardens which are superior to plaza anyway.

100% disagree. Plaza’s were the only thing you could place under a road tile, which made them a vastly superior decoration to anything else (IMO). I’m already replacing my small gardens with small statues to try and reach level three houses.

The t2 market does have a bigger radius… You can fit many more houses in range than the two workers can keep up with. Again suggesting you aren’t supposed to pack them in like sardines.

Roads aren’t great though. Sure you go faster but villagers take less direct routes and things are more spaced out to fit the roads in, so they kinda add to nothing. Used outside your village for long trips they shine, but they do not help in your residential area.

Small gardens compared to (old) small plaza though, simply no contest. Range 4 compared to 3 means it hits about twice as many houses (because house is 3x3). And then t2 garden gives 4-3 desirability compared to t2 plazas 3-2.

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That’s super interesting… I was unaware that the residental districts didn’t need roads. I was under the impression that, since the houses had arrows (for facing a specific direction) they required road access. Or maybe at least the travel benefits of having adequate road access for a house outweighed the costs.


Iv’e never hit the limit where the two market workers aren’t enough to keep up (probably beucase I always gave houses road access).

I’m going to have to do a test residental development with minimal roads to see if it’s truly better to not use them. I can see the advantage of taking a direct route over a road but I assumed that the villager path routing would take the optimal route and only use the roads when it was faster. I’ll have to pay more attention.

If your not building roads in your residental areas then I conceed to your point about plazas for Teir 1 decs. Plazas (by themselves) are inferior, the real advantage was that they allowed you to upgrade your roads to add desireability along with faster movement, a balance I thought was superior.

The downside is many more broken ankles, and it feels like you burn through shoes faster.

In my latest build I’ve put roads in the residential area just because it looks much nicer, and I wanted to avoid desirability stacking in the hopes of a few extra fps.

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My experience with my streets built entirely of plazas (no real streets) was that ordinary citizens took the shortest route regardless of whether they passed through somebody else’s backyard. Once streets were added they took the streets. Since streets are generally done in 90 degrees their route took longer than crossing straight through the backyards.

A person walking out of his house and having a direct route on a road thru the neighborhood would see minor speed improvements only when they were headed in a straight direction.

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