Alternative/addition for firewood and building material

I really like the idea of adding ‘Peat’ (or ‘Turf’) to the game. Here’s why:

  • It adds additional elements to the map, as this resource is gathered from a certain type of soil, then dried in the sun and used as a fuel (as well as some other applications).

  • Peat can therefor be used as an alternative to firewood, making more wood availlable for construction.

  • It also has some dangers to it, when caught on fire it is not easily extinguished, making ‘peat fires’ an additional challenge to the game.

  • It can also be used to improve the soil around the Arborist Building.

More info on Peat on Wikipedia (as always :slight_smile: ): Peat - Wikipedia

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There could also be a minor debuff to happiness if people are using peat to warm themselves. Gives an option to survive a brutal winter when everyone stole your last 80 wood and none went to the cutter.

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