Am i the only one who disabled post processing?


Am i the only one who did that?

I don’t know if it’s a bug or the game itself, but the post processing transform my game from dark to carebear graphics.

When enable, everything it’s so blurry and bright, like the carebear level from D3.

Anyone think the same? Or is my game broken?

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Don’t worry about it. Some people prefer with and some without. There are Crucible runners that would disable to improve their FPS so they don’t lag while playing.

The graphics have been worked over the years on to remove a lot of the brightness that can happen with multiple effects overlapping. Only imagine what it looked like before! :sunglasses:


I’ve disabled them all. My graphical settings are literally empty :sweat_smile:


bruh u playing on a potato or wat? It’s time to upgrade to something more atari-like.

Ryzen 5 2600 rtx2060super 16GB ram 3200mhz nvme 1tb.

The game run super well in full HD with everything maxed. But when i activate post processing, the graphic became weird and blurry.

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Literally @nery’s PC:


I don’t even play on PC. :smirk:


no I disabled PP as well. I usually turn off PP in every game that has this option because these effects often look pretty bad and add nothing worthwile to the gaming experience.
Initially I turned PP off in GD because it improved FPS a little bit on my old rig, but on my new one I simply didn’t bother to try and enable it to see how bright and blurry it’ll actually look :see_no_evil:

that’s the best level in the whole game though.

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its like the bloom extra bright light options in many games. its matter of preferences whether to turn bloom on or not. some games have ugly bloom effects. some games have exaggerated bloom effects. but some games also requires it on to brighten up the games because you can’t see important stuff due to the darkness.

i feel like in this age, we have already achieved the pinnacle of fx fireworks going on everywhere at the same time on our screen while we can have +60 fps in many games. sometimes too many fx happening at once is a bad thing because we can’t see what’s happening to react properly. its even worse if you have damage numbers flying off enemies though the numbers are important if you’re playing like hardcore gamer.

dunno if this count as post processing or not, but i’d like to know why many diablo-like arpg games these days love to have enemies flashing like overly enthusiastic fritzy lightbulbs everytime they take damage. just look at diablo 3 as example, huge bosses basically becoming lightbulbs in every fight, making them look worse graphically and potentially can hurt people’s eyes… when in diablo 2 they don’t have these lightbulb fx and the fight looks realistic and visceral with not too much effects.

too many fx can ruin your gaming experience even if you don’t realize it.

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You´re not. I too disable post processing. For most of the time I also set “particles” to “low”. Ever fought an enemy using fire or cold damage via post processing on high or even ultra high particle settings? Every enemy turns into a NOVA! You see neither the enemy nor yourself - damn, how can one react under those cirumstances?
The light show is way overdone in GD. No way past disabled PP for me.

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I think you’re right. I’ve disabled it and I can see crystals in Rune of Hagarrad more clearly separated.

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too much light can blind people. just like how celestial oathkeepers realize the light celestials’ truths are light on the truth because of whoops of the gods, and they wisely follow dreeg’s advice to turn off the exta lights of post processing. thus embracing dreeg’s truths allow them to see more clearly the grim bleakness of the decaying grim dawn universe.

this is not sponsored by dreeg btw. this is however is sponsored by my wish to have vidya games stop turning enemies into flickering blinding lightbulbs EVERYTIME THEY TAKE DAMAGES.


Yeah, normally in videogames, post processing is separated in different tabs like bloom, godray, motion blur, light shadow etc.

Here, it’s the all pack in one so the bloom + motion blur make the game atrocious for me (my taste).

You can also try to disable depth of field. Help too to make thing less blurry. In top of that, i put +35% sharpen on nvidia freestyle and now the graphics is perfect.
Dark and no blurry, but you still have fog etc… for the ambiance.


That’s my biggest issue with it, the various post-processing effects are not properly split apart in the options. Often you will at least see bloom as a separate toggle. Being able to turn that off would probably be enough for me.

Also there’s a kind of pink/purple tint that gets overlaid on top of everything with PP. I remember well the patch when that was introduced… I’ll still disable PP in the Blood Grove sometimes because it’s so overdone there.

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is it just me or does the game look so much grey’er and depressing af with post processing off? :thinking:

like a giant grey filter requiring a double dose of Zoloft :sweat_smile:


For me it’s like Diablo 3 vs Diablo 2. Matter of taste, but i preferer very much without PP.

Your first pic is like i have ate mushroom and have pink eye, too much for me :smiley:

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:joy::rofl: lmao dude

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That’s because PP adds digital vibrance, intensifies color etc.

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Is it me or the text says “crap” door.

The difference between the two images is like anime post-apocalypse vs Tarkovsky.

it’s their default font making the T look like that :joy:

anyways, as someone that played WoW and loved the toony style there and abhorred it in D3 i don’t really get the comparison at all
my problem with post processing off is it looks more like there is a grey filter over the screen, while with it on it looks “real”, like there is actual sunlight in the world