Another merging question

Ok I am currently trying to merge grimmarillion (73c) and the “wings for modders” mod.
Both work fine on their own.

-I did create a mod in the assert manager.
-copied all the files into a working directory in windows
-extracted both .arz from those 2 mods and had LOTS of record-files
-merged all without any errors or overwriting any files in the working order

Now I am stuck. simply building them in the AM does not seem to work. Do I have to manually implement all those extracted arz-files somehow?

Thanks for the help.

You also need to extract the .arc files from the resources, build them in the asset manager I think, but currently you shoudl at least have the different grimarillion classes available.

I do not thats what confuses me.
Only the regular classes are avaible.

Ok update I forgot to copy the build database to the right folder.
The classes work fine now but the quests do not. are quests in one of those .arc files that I have not yet extracted?

Yes they are, but if you did not change them, then you should be able to just use the existing .arc