Any news about implementing closed servers??

This game is great, but right now has a big fail, not quality online experience, now a days people want online safe playing. That means closed servers that can store chars online, and create and online comunity of non seted or duped characters /items, to trade play togethers do pvp… etc like D2, D3, path of exile or many others MMOS or ARPg onlinewith closed servers.

I know it may be a bit expensive ( not a lot compared what sales u can make if u drop this feature) u will not only make people that only play your game in pirate mode to buy it, u will sell lot of copys to players that love online safe gaming, u can open your game to year 2017, and not seems a game that haven´t a feature that is a must sicen year 2000… people want safe online gaming, laders… etc…

A simple short answer - no. It has been said many times, for many reasons. Neither Crate has money to support such big project, nor this game needs it.

Stop creating these threads.

Not these people. :slight_smile:

Closed servers are not coming. That’s the news. /thread

Another one of these threads, we need to have a counter for these types of threads.

No, there’s no news on closed servers and this game will never have closed servers. Crate doesn’t have the budget at the moment and i really hope they are not added.

“People want safe online gaming”

What a way to think you are talking for everybody.

There are no plans for closed servers.

Not financially viable for a primarily singleplayer game, especially not for one that doesn’t rely on microtransactions to make profits.

Alas, you vastly overestimate how many players actually care about multiplayer in ARPGs, roughly 10% of the audience. It’s like saying Skyrim needs secure servers cause it’s 2017. As for safe gaming…I don’t know about your room, but when I play games singleplayer in my office, it feels pretty safe.

When you buy a copy of Grim Dawn, you could play it 2 hours or 1000 hours, from a business perspective it makes very little difference to us. If we had closed servers, now the player who plays for 1000 hours is considerably more expensive for us, and will continue to be for as long as they play.

At that point, introducing microtransactions seems like a no-brainer to off-set those costs.

I think we’ll be sticking to our (already successful) plans.

I mean there was that one case with Grava and the stalker during the last stream

Make a battle royale mode that drops a 100 players onto an island and sell millions of copies. Bam, easy revenue.

PUBG servers are crap, but thousands of people keep lining up to play.

Thats because the masses are intellectually challenged. Just look up statistics of the bureau of statistics to get the number for you country.

Just because the majority enjoys something, or thinks something is good, doesn’t mean that is actually the case. Most movies are shit. Most music is shit. Most games are shit. And that is why a lot of people flocked to Grim Dawn. It doesn’t do the same generic nonsense and actually gives, the playerbase, what they want. Don’t like it. There are plenty alternatives like Diablo 3 and such. :slight_smile:

If you want to be popular and make easy money. Create a bad product that appeals to the masses. If you want to actually make a quality product then…well you just have to accept your support will be a lot smaller.

some people like this, the vast majority has no interest however. Just because you are in the 10% or so who do does not mean you should extrapolate that to everyone.

I know it may be a bit expensive ( not a lot compared what sales u can make if u drop this feature)

I actually do not think they would ever recoup their money if they invested in this. Even if they did, the question is not whether they would but whether there is something else money and resources would be better spent on, as both are limited. To me working on an expansion is much more likely to be a good investment than closed servers would be.

There are many games that do not have them and do fine, the always-online crowd is just naturally biased against / blind to this.

Hey man, you never know.

You know, I would pay more if developers start developing games according to the standard of early “pre-internet” era of the late 20th century. At that time, most of the games, of which I have fond memories of, were actually unique, interesting and most importantly, didn’t force a gazillion micro-transaction items or trash dlc (I am watching you Shadow of Mordor, Borderlands 2) down the throat. Instead the games offered an enjoyable complete experience with a justifiable price tag. Nowadays, most AAA developers are simply making games to milk out as much cash as possible off the consumers and fan base, and I will blame the rise of multiplayer for this. The consumers voted with their wallet and the vile micro-transaction infested multiplayer and bs dlc infested single player became the standard. As most AAA developers are focusing on MP, we are actually getting worse quality & fewer quantity single player games (I am still disappointed that GTA V won’t have any sp expansions).

Hence, at least from my point, I would really appreciate if GD stays the way it is. A good single player ARPG. I am so done with all the “cosmetic exclusive” cash shop bs so please keep those away. Don’t need multiplayer here! There’s a million other titles offering all the virtual social interactions you will need, since its pretty obvious that nowadays real human interaction is but a fantasy.

Oh look, it’s this topic again.

27 million people paid for Skyrim.

200k people downloaded that free mod, only 11.5k endorsed it.

That’s less than 1%, maybe 3-4% if you restrict the sales to only PC copies since consoles can’t use mods (at least not downloaded from Nexus), and ~5% of those gave it a thumbs-up.

I can’t see that as a viable customer base for secure GD servers.

Define “safe online gaming”. Because so far none of the online-only games and massive online modes are as safe as you say.

GTA Online being the biggest example here. Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar are practically swimming in money not just from the sales of the base game, but also from spoiled rich kids buying Shark Cards, and yet the game is not free from hackers. Oh sure, when a new mod that allows to dupe money pops up, Rockstar will quickly fix it, but the same can’t be said about “god mode” and other malicious ones. And most of hackers that me and my friends on GTAO end up facing are the later.

Yes, you can report them, and yes, they get banned, but considering the amount of money T2 and RS made already wasn’t about time they developed a better anti-cheat method? Otherwise, the cockroaches will just keep coming and coming… Or in the case of Crews like PCFD (or “Pacificadores”), they can explode everyone in the server with a single button and still not be banned in the process. Yes, THERE ARE Crews in GTAO that are only composed by hackers (and some fodder that defends them), and they where not caught despite using these mods blatantly.

If even a game from a studio that is backed up by a AAA publisher can’t avoid crap like that, imagine what will happen to GD if Crate decides to create a dedicated server just for “online safe playing” like the “people-that-are-not-totally-just-you” want.

And when it’s not hackers, it’s the general griefing, and that’s a problem familiar to anyone here that played a MOBA before.

“open your game to year 2017” is also the most ironical statement you made because it’s crap like the one you defend that made the gaming industry STAGNANT. I could elaborate more on that, but DonSnow already beated me:

And what is this “pirate mode” you talk about? There is a “Pirate” mastery in this game that you can unlock? Actually, exploring a pirate cove infested by aetherials and cthonians could be a good idea for a expasion!

Oh! You mean people that downloaded the game instead of paying Crate for it. Yeah… Since this is a singleplayer game, a simple dedicated server will not stop people from pirating it. And if you are suggesting that this game should have a online-only DRM, that will be a DEATH WARRANT to Grim Dawn, this kind of shit is extremely anti-consumer in more ways that you think.

Not saying Crate should stay away from the multiplayer part of this game. Related bugs, glitches and de-sync problems that could surface should be reported and fixed if possible. But this is still a singleplayer focused game, and it’s better it stays that way.

DLC isn’t inherently bad, but the way developers and publishers are handling at the moment is utterly disgusting and outright criminal. And people who are fine with this are pretty much to blame because they said nothing and developers just took as “well, they are not complaining about it”. I specially hate the “it’s only cosmetic” or “You don’t have to buy it, you can just earn it while playing”, completely failing to realize that the entire game is most likely balanced around the microtransactions.

Thankfully we have companies like Crate and CD Projekt Red, who know how to handle DLC correctly.

Pls… stop talking about people that want online safe playing is 10% compare players of path of exile vs players of grim dawn… IT is obviusly that HUGE mass of people want online playing… wake up we are in 2017… this game has really small comunity only because is not an online game, has a coop option but people dont want this. Want a true online experience.

Diablo 2 was a good games yes, but what make it great was the online gaming .

yeah, because other than one having closed servers and the other not offering that, there are no differences whatsoever between the two games. So whatever the difference in players is must be due to closed servers. That one is free and the other costs money cannot possibly have anything to do with it :rolleyes:

No idea how many players PoE has, but Skyrim sold like 30M copies and has no MP whatsoever. So much for your idea that MP is so important.

Most people do prefer SP, that is a fact. It’s not like most of them play together in D3 or PoE either, the vast majority plays those games solo too.

First of, its not same kind of game . In ARPG comerce its REALLY fun, also theorycrafting and see what build and items are the best to clear all mobs, or do some friendly duels. So in an ARPG game the online feature is in other world compare to games like skyrim that is a pure rpg, with an strong history line.
So pls stop compare that two games, cause we can compare FIFA that the best think is online playing or world of warcraft with grim dawn that is practically a single players autism game.

An arpg with poor multiplayer is bored, we want comerce, we want ladders, we want a bit of sane competition what is caplable to do best build, best gear, fastest, comerce, interact and enjoy the game 100% this game is great but in single player lose 50+% of potential

I want none of this.

Who’s this we? Do you guys have meetings? Hats?

Thank you… this is a nice idea actually, turn GD into an MMORPG so I can officially roleplay as a girl pretend to be nice and get free loot :wink: