Anyone doing a Flames of Ignaffar build? (Inquisitor)

How do you plan to build it?

Vindicator as a pure Fire spammer. BWC, Canister Bomb, pure Fire Grenado along with Flames of Ignaffar - you name it.

Like this

I am leveling a Flames of Ignaffar Tactician.

GrimTools end result may be different

Where do you put your attribute points for this guy?

This is my “Nine Tenths of the Law” build. It’s a Deceiver with the vitality/chaos conversion. I’m playing self-found and haven’t browsed the item database so I don’t know how viable it will be in Ultimate, but it’s chewing up Veteran. Skill selection is bound to change but I’m pretty confident in the devotions.

Common 60+ points in physique for hp and da should be a good idea, but if you are going to use caster offhands you will also need points in spirit, around 20 if not more, depending on the item.

Thank you. I guess i will invest early in phys and save for later.

Looks solid. I’m gonna try this, thanks.

I did 2:1 spirit:physique until I had near equilibrium when channeling. It’s not as fun when you can’t keep up the flamethrower constantly.

Yeah apparently the purifier variant is da best one u have both tankiness and damage. Mage Hunter is good but only if u have godlike gears and the soldier variant is just… bad u deal 0 damage and cant tank as well as most other soldier/x build since there is some mana issues and the lack of heavy damage skill to deal with bosses like a grenado or devastation…:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Well I am currently playing a mage hunter that is in veteran and I’m having a lot of fun with him:
the rough idea of the build for endgame looks like this: (item choice isn’t polished yet)
It’s a great feeling to freeze large groups of trash mobs and burn them afterwards. I’ve trown in the fire ball from searing ember, to hit long range targets and maybe I can continue this during the game.
I imagine mental alacrity will be very useful with spamming FoI and elemenatl balance + deadly aim provide nice +crit damage.
In case this doesn’t work out in the end game I intend to go for this off-hand
and use rune of hagarrad instead of rune of kalastor.
Is this really that much worse as a purifier?

I had played a deceiver variant, FoI + SoC + Doom Bolt + Inquisitor Seal. Quite fun, but gotta admit that Purifier is probably easier to level.

I want to try this (Shield and Pistol variation). But am thinking of scrapping Canister Bomb altogether and focusing on Rune of Kalastor with Artifact Handling maxed. If I choose to do that later on though I’ll have a lot of wasted mastery points in demo mastery as it would only be necessary to stop at level 32 and just take Blast Shield etc.

The issue is that burn part of Ignaffar isn’t converted to chaos with the transmuter, since Chaos doesn’t have a dot part. So you end with 50 chaos dmg for 250 burn dmg. Which makes getting + chaos kinda useless and you still need fire/burn bonus (or res reduction).

Which is a shame since the transmuter makes the skill looks so cool, but it doesn’t seem worth it. Ignaffar looks really weaker than other skills like AAR.

I tried this skill however even with 10/1/1/1 it cost 180 energy a second and did 3x less ‘dps’ than the fire trap skill with 1/1 in it and cost 900x more energy and dont have to stand there in danger with the trap either so its safer

so…dont think ill play that skill unless its buffed, on the side note - traps are extremely strong as they shotgun and with the 2 traps you have 4 damage elements, can also get -% phys/pierce/fire/cold/elemental/-elemental/reduced enemy resistances from Devotions/Infiltrator, doing 4k burst damage with 1 point in the skills at lvl 35

That sounds like first impression in normal, maybe you should try it at 20-12-12-12

There is my purifyer with lvl 50-75 items

The dps number is a little deceiving like that of aether ray but I find its performance satisfying, melting boss monsters almost instantly once most debuffs are active. I haven’t met anything really challenging yet like nemesis so take it as it is, an early experience too.

When you focus burning damage and sporting cocktail you do not have to stand in one place at all times. Rune of Kalastor feels much like canister, its good for crowd control and adds some extra burning damage, but besides that, idk.

Currently leveling a Deceiver, it’s strong on normal/vet but it might be hard to stand in melee on higher diffs, playing on HC so it’s a bit worrying but surely there’s a way to make it work.