April Fools 2020!

Interrupting our regularly scheduled updates for a very critical announcement.

After all, it’s not every day we get to talk about a feature this big and it just cannot wait.

We are pleased to offer you a first look at the upcoming v4.1.2.0, which you can review in the Patch Notes section. This Dev update is focused on the major addition introduced in this update!

There are many opportunities in Grim Dawn to embody your character, whether that’s through paramour relationships or by painstakingly reviewing Devil’s Crossing’s tax forms as the Bureaucrat. We are now ready to take things a step further by announcing…Scorv Mode!


Putting the Grin in Grim Dawn
Space is obviously limited on the UI, so we had to think long and hard about how to implement this feature. The Crucible is very popular, and we’re not seeing removing the Main Campaign any time soon, though that’s not out of the question either. It quickly became apparent that the Custom Game mode is absolutely totally dead and never used by anyone at all, so we replaced it with what’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Now you may find yourself asking what Scorv Mode is, and the answer is painfully obvious to us, but we’ll let screenshots do the talking.

With the latest in grin technology, you can now react to every NPC interaction in an appropriate way, which should synergize with the Paramour system perfectly!

It’s going to make for some interesting choices!

We cannot understate how proud we are of the work on display here and we hope that you enjoy everybody’s favorite NPC…everywhere!

And we mean…everywhere…

Happy April 1st!


I hope this is real. Ravager Scorv best Ravager :scorv:


Scorv has a really nice rack


All of my yes


Scorv has been working out, I see.


You don’t even have Scorv mode selected and your Scorv mode characters are still showing. You can thank me later for this early bug report


The face of nightmares


Scorv. Nuff said.

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Thought this was a for real dev update until I read the word Paramour. You got me.

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Don’t you dare diss Scorvager, he’s best Ravager.

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I WISH there was a Paramour system. I can’t be the only one who’d love to flirt with Anasteria!

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yeah humor should be completely out of the question in these sad times


You mean this isn’t serious? WTF? Does anyone have a rollback to of Grim Internals cause screw this mess.

Well crate is an entertainment company and they’re working from home. If you want you can wash your hands of this matter and go practice more social isolation.

More people die due to starvation than from corona virus and still we have april fools joke


I agree with Yuceliko, this is the last month I’ll be paying for Craft Entertainment Premium membership on these forums.


Finally! I always get lost while staring at Scorv’s face, and always wished I could see it closer up. He is such a loveable con man turned preacher for a cannibal god of hunger! My fervent wish is that whenever Grim Dawn is finally turned into a movie, Scorv should be played by Woody Harrelson. :slight_smile:

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Probably the weakest April fools ive ever seen.

It evens out tho because that’s probably one of the weakest first posts I’ve ever seen.


Cursed images everywhere

I like it