April Fools 2021!

Hot on the heels of v1.1.9.1, we are pleased to announce what’s next for Crate Entertainment!

First up, we’re sure you’re eager to see everything in store for v4.1.2.1, which should no doubt throw some fresh ideas into the meta. You can get your first look at the preview in the Patch Notes section.

But we have even bigger news for you today as we excitedly announce the next title to be featured here at Crate Entertainment!

With much excitement, we are proud to excitedly reveal our exciting tie-in title: Trap, Sever, Delicious!

In Trap, Sever, Delicious! you will embark upon a culinary journey that will span the world of humanity. Combine exotic cuts of meat along with an array of spices and ingredients and learn to serve man alongside your guide and teacher, everyone’s favorite chef Scorv Egdenor of Barrowholm!

The Best Ingredients
When preparing food in Trap, Sever, Delicious!, you will start out by making basic meals, but will soon come to appreciate the complex flavor profiles that can only be found in the most diverse villages. As word of your culinary exploits spreads, you will likely find yourself visited by new guests, each of which will bring their own unique ingredient.

Visitor_01 Visitor_02 Visitor_03 Visitor_04

The Cut is the most critical part of the meal and will make up the largest portion of your Scorv multiplier. You have to be selective in who you are serving. Older meats may be easier to trap, but they will not have as much flavor and will require more processing to be palpable to a refined palate.

The “mystery” cuts

Meat03 Meat04

Look, sometimes you can’t be choosy in who or what you serve. Besides, nobody’s really gonna miss grandma…’s cooking.

The prime cuts

Meat01 Meat02

These are going to be the cuts to hunt for. Luring these into your trap will take more work, but the final product will be well worth the effort.

The sides

Veggies01 Cheese01

No fine meal is based on a single ingredient alone. Refine your creations with additional flavor profiles. While some of these may actually reduce your Scorv multiplier for the final meal, they can trigger surprise benefits. Find all the combination by experimenting in your kitchen!

The leftovers

Mystery01 Mystery02

Waste not, want not. Earn bonus points by finding use for the leftover parts that may otherwise go to waste.

While we’re not ready to reveal everything we have in store, we know you are just as hungry for a cut of what’s about to be served as we are. Stay tasty!

Enjoy the rest of April 1st!


Are you already recycling FF artwork before it has become public?


OMG I knew FF was just a decoy and we gotta get a Scrov cooking game!


Lazy devs!


I knew from the moment we met him that Scorv deserved his own tie-in game. Crate once again delivering what the fans really want (even if they didn’t know it themselves).


Cooking Dawn: hunt for the rarest and finest eldritch and aetherial meats. Cook them and let master chef Scorv judge your culinary creations!

10/10 would play that

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You do realize this is an April Fools joke… Right?

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Of course he does. :rofl:

No, I’m new to this board, and what are April Fools’ jokes?

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Damnit Fizzbend, let em twirl a while.

Press X to doubt, I know what day it is.



This thread’s lookin spicy!

Oh my. What a fool I was.
I remember guessing way back that the new class for Ashes of Malmouth would be the Cook… Oh how wrong I was !

Crate had way bigger plans for the Cook. It wasn’t meant to be merely a class like the necromancers and inquisitors infesting the land. Not it was meant to be a full fledged game ! A full fledged game to honour the sanctity of the profession !

But let’s be rationnal for a second. Notice the narrow theme of the game: Scorv and his particular sense of taste. And notice how much Cairn has to offer for the profession…
Yes… You know what this means… T’is not but a simple game that was just announced… But a full trilogy !
My bet is that Trap, Sever, Delicious will be followed with Grobble Trouble and then Aeth-your Service.

This gentleman looks friendly enough like he’s gonna take care of people even those that are stranger to him and his folk. No doubt that he will give you shelter and feed you, if you happen to lost in the woods and accidentally going to his little cozy village.

I hope there will be a Scorv npc in FF.

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Cooking with Scorv had very high ratings, but was eventually cancelled after members of the staff started mysteriously disappearing before each episode. :stuck_out_tongue:
When asked to comment, Scorv Egdenor chuckled knowingly and said “Oh, we all serve Ravager in our own way!” before somersaulting out of a window and disappearing in the forest.


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Imagines the taste of CELESTIAL MEAT
Meat from the stars!<
Resting on tentacular viney fields ;D

And how does this word actually spread around? Ghost mail?