Arcanes are an incredibly awfuly designed mechanic

Long time player here. I fought Mogdrogen, Ravager, Callagadra… all great, difficult bosses.

Why do arcanes exist? after all the many (MANY, a couple thousands) hours of play, i still fait to see their purpose in the game. There is no counter play, no in-game mechanic to prevent it, resist it, and the mechanic itself is disproportionaly one-sided. Why that ability exist at all?? It needs a SERIOUS rework, because for as much as i love this game (i repeat, thousands hours, plural), every, single, time, i meet those heroes, i can’t but feel utter disgust. If they turned skills off temporarly, cool. If they reduce their effectiveness for a period of time, cool. If they interact in any fucking way with the shitton of defensive layers this game has, cool. But it does nothing of that. It just puts you in a “fuck you” position, with no chance to reply or even prevent it. How is it that Crate still considers this a good game design? The entire rest of the game is amazing, what went so wrong here that they fail to see how shit this is, and let it that way for so long?


you know, except for all the counter plays you have avail
like you were told on the steam forum

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oh, please, enlightnen me. How do i dodge the arcane projectile when surrounded by mobs?

oh gee idono, move your butt?
use a movement rune if you wanna move quicker
or don’t put yourself in a position where you need to relocate on an arcane mob
or cc it to give yourself a breather
or kill it before it casts its nulli orb

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Oh really? Try that in the Morgoneth dungeon. Because a toon able to facetank Callagadra (no exageration, this caracter never kites her), got completely overwelmed by the sudden apperance of a bunch of heroes, among wich was an arcane. Arcane got away, mobs in the way, and voila, dead.

how could i with MOBS IN THE FUCKING WAY? Wich part of “surrounded by mobs” you didn’t get?

you can go through mobs…

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Wendigos, Aetherial hulks, Ch’thonic insectoids are pretty fat and difficult to control. Why are they even allowed to be Arcane? :thinking:

Especially when applying 7 buffs in a row that often do not even turn on if clicked too fast.

Arcane mechanic is trash, no one will change it. Sadly.


no, they’re basically all the same except for the construct
been killing arcane wendigos and insectoids all day without issue on a green merchant geared char

lol, no? you literally can’t? wtf are you talking about?

you literally can, that’s how movement runes work…
hell even without a movement rune most monster surrounds don’t form a cement hardened ring and you can use force move to get through - or make a hole and use the corpse as doormat on your way out

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I said difficult, not impossible.

At least, you can wait or dispell its reflective aura. Why not complain a bit? :slightly_smiling_face:

Right, like there aren’t any items, constellations and skills to reduce it…

so you see the counter play to reflect, but not to arcanes… :man_facepalming:

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Sure, tell me wich item, skill or constellation reduce or negate it’s effect

There are no end of threads on this subject over the years, but Crate seem happy with the way Arcane heroes work.

It’s not going to change, so you’ll just have to learn how to deal with them.


any skill, item or devo that gives you:
dps enough to kill it, remember they have barely any hp
a CC effect to interrupt or down right keep them "locked"down
speed/movement to kite or get away

we went over this on the steam forum, yet you act like all those things aren’t in the game or available; when they are

if you get repeatedly nullied by Arcanes after your initial encounter “teaching you about dispel”; then that is entirely your fault on your end, and the remedy will be the same

I’ve been playing SR recently (not too much in the past) and I adjusted to those Arcanes very quickly and they don’t bother me, but on a caster build not sure about melee.

@el_chanis If you really hate it maybe patch the game so that the Nullification does nothing (I may help with that - just tested that increasing Nullification energy cost makes it unusable by enemies - the purple projectile is there but doesn’t nullify you.)

Arcane heroes need to go back to having the null they had in AoM beta. It was instant and very long range, basically the same null the player has in Arcanist. :scorv:

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Even that would be okay if buffs were disabled temporarily. But not what we have now.