Arcanes are an incredibly awfuly designed mechanic

you literally can, that’s how movement runes work…
hell even without a movement rune most monster surrounds don’t form a cement hardened ring and you can use force move to get through - or make a hole and use the corpse as doormat on your way out

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I said difficult, not impossible.

At least, you can wait or dispell its reflective aura. Why not complain a bit? :slightly_smiling_face:

Right, like there aren’t any items, constellations and skills to reduce it…

so you see the counter play to reflect, but not to arcanes… :man_facepalming:

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Sure, tell me wich item, skill or constellation reduce or negate it’s effect

There are no end of threads on this subject over the years, but Crate seem happy with the way Arcane heroes work.

It’s not going to change, so you’ll just have to learn how to deal with them.


any skill, item or devo that gives you:
dps enough to kill it, remember they have barely any hp
a CC effect to interrupt or down right keep them "locked"down
speed/movement to kite or get away

we went over this on the steam forum, yet you act like all those things aren’t in the game or available; when they are

if you get repeatedly nullied by Arcanes after your initial encounter “teaching you about dispel”; then that is entirely your fault on your end, and the remedy will be the same

I’ve been playing SR recently (not too much in the past) and I adjusted to those Arcanes very quickly and they don’t bother me, but on a caster build not sure about melee.

@el_chanis If you really hate it maybe patch the game so that the Nullification does nothing (I may help with that - just tested that increasing Nullification energy cost makes it unusable by enemies - the purple projectile is there but doesn’t nullify you.)

Arcane heroes need to go back to having the null they had in AoM beta. It was instant and very long range, basically the same null the player has in Arcanist. :scorv:

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Even that would be okay if buffs were disabled temporarily. But not what we have now.

I have seen these threads coming up now and then and have refrained from posting complaints about arcane myself because they always end up in people trying to lecture to poster on how to deal with them or how great they are at dealing with them themselves but that is NOT the point, the point is that it is terrible game design.

Let me explain:

GD is an action RPG and an action RPG is supposed to have a certain flow, same applies to a football match or a formula 1 race.

Imagine if a football player gets punished by the referee by suddenly requiring to remove his shoes and then put them back on in the middle of a match.

Or imagine in the middle of a race a formula 1 driver needs to get out of the car himself to open the fuel intake then close it and then continue the race instead of just getting a time penalty and keep racing.

No matter what game a person is playing, A contestant will always end up making a mistake and a game needs to have rules in place to continue with no interruption of the game flow. Reflect mobs, instakill meteors etc are all fine challenges because they don’t interrupt the gameflow, but arcanes do in a manner that is not supposed to be part of an action RPG because it causes the player to do UI management in the middle of a fight.

what makes it even far worse is that new players don’t know anything about it, the first time a got nullified I continued playing for 15 minutes, thinking my build had run into serious issues and went back to town to reorganize my gear. After the 2nd and 3rd time I got suspicious and noticed my auras had gone, but didn’t know how, for a long time I actually thought it was caused by my energy bar hitting 0.

New players will keep coming and run into this issue and they will keep complaining about and they are absolutely 100% right to do so.


I love Arcane heroes, I think there should be more of them.

They introduce a powerful tactical element in GD combat, you have to pay attention to them and a mistake is very costly. Too many builds in GD play by simply tanking all hits.

And there is an obvious counterplay to Arcanes. Watch them carefully, keep your distance, dodge the pink ball, attack them during cooldown.


He’s the OG Nuller, all that came after are lame copycats. :scorv:

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that is like, the most horrible comparison ever

that is literally not how games work IRL, you straight up have game/“flow” interruption, even for tiny things where an umpire makes a decision, players huddle up, someone gets sent to the box etc etc

arcane enemies do not disturb the flow of the game; unless you mishandle them/don’t learn to deal with them proper
this is not a “git gud” shrug off, because it’s a simple task to deal with them, as there are many “non-flow interrupting” counter play, each of them fairly simple not requiring "git gud"practice or skills other than “target the darn purple monster”, or run away
^now please try and tell me how the game “forcing” you to priority target is “game flow interrupting”, it’s not a new or unique concept :man_facepalming:

and obviously no one knows how to deal with them at first, just like no one knows aleks drops a meteor on first encounter, or MQ shotgun bursts you on red aura, that’s the point of a first encounter(s), to experience and gradually learn from it

you don’t like to turn on your buffs? then don’t get dispelled - handle arcane enemies even just half decently and that imaginary “flow interrupt” disappears


Just don’t get hit 4head. Learn to dodge arcanes special attacks/ability. I didn’t got hit by a single one of them in like half a year, and I’m playing this game from like 7 max. Game requires you to have like only 1% skill whatsoever and you still fail to evade pink balls. Your computer is like f* up dude? At least one more thing in the game felt like a challenge till you mastered it.

(Made by Maska)


…and still people keep lecturing on how to deal with arcanes even if I never said that I have issues dealing with them.

you don’t get it at all, the point is that games need to be regulated in manner that interupts the flow as little as possible. Sure there are many things that can happen in a football match that interrupts the flow, but referees are often applauded when they conduct themselves in such a way that the game is interrupted as little as possible.

In this case of an action RPG it is absolutely not necessary to have the game interupted in a manner where the player has to switch back on all his toggle skills, which often requires switch to another bar since they are not all going to fit on the primary bar, adding further annoyance by skills like possession that have a activation animation that causes consecutive buttons to misfire.

I’m absolutely not against getting punishment for getting hit by a purple projectile, but it could easily be handled in such a manner that the game is not interrupted, such as having the skills deactivate for X time and then switch back on automatically.

Maybe you should just read this part of my post again and then explain to me how this is anything like learning that Aleksander’s meteors hurt:


i’m not lecturing you how to deal with them
i’m countering your exaggeration BS about them being “flow interrupts” etc, - and pointing out your comparison was so far out of this world it’s absurd, heck considering the concept of injury time exists exactly because of it makes it a stupid comparison to try and draw on

don’t get hit, and there is no pseudo interruption
and here’s the kicker, imo, even if you do get nullied, there is still absolutely 0 “flow interrupt”
it’s as easy to toggle your buffs back on as it is drinking a hp pot or some resist pharma, heck probably easier since you usually don’t slot pharma elixirs and tonics to your bar; “oh noes, i had to press a couple of buttons while i’m walking :scream:

you don’t disprove anything about first encounters there,
what you do display, is your own entire lack of attention
some first encounters are easier to learn/grasp the mechanics of than others, that’s how XYZ diff enemies work. This is not bad or wrong game design, and asking the players to pay a minimum of attention isn’t either

Then don’t charge headfirst into a situation you can’t get out of or at the first sight of an Arcane move away and play cautiously/focus them first.

On another note, this topic has been beaten to death for so many years now, the last time it came up, Zantai’s response was:

I think they are talking about the treasure room in the Tomb of Heretic where it spawns a bunch of enemies in waves.

I do think claiming facetanking Callagadra somehow means that build will tank anything (or at least the post seems to heavily imply) is silly.


I wonder what the build is like, because as far as I recall tanks mostly need auras for solving damage issues rather than survivability itself which comes mostly from passives, items and procs/circuit breakers. Correct me if I’m wrong. :smile: