Arcanist's Overload and Pets: Is there DOT stacking from multiple pets?

That is pretty much the question. If multiple pets are affected by Overload, will the Elemental DOTs of the same type stack if multiple pets attack a target (so each can inflict their own burn for example and those burns will add up together).

I did see a lot of questions about this topic (Pets vs Overload) but none specifically about the DOTs stacking.

Found the above quotes for you.

Right but the post that you quoted is talking about one player stacking themselves if overload triggered the same DOT type. It doesn’t really talk about the interaction as an aura with other players/pets.

If you are giving Overload to another player, does it still count as your skill inflicting a DOT where it doesn’t matter which player inflicts it? Are they not gaining the aura as a chance to inflict elemental DOTs and counting themselves as a source of the DOT damage rather than Overload as the source rather than their character? Does it extend to pets?

These does x over / for y seconds effects don’t stack. With more players / pets you just have more attacks to trigger / refresh the effect.

Ah, alright. Thanks for the info.