[Asterkarn] Berserker class name guesswork

And of course I borrowed from TQ. Tradition by now.

+Soldier: Slayer

+Demolitionist: Harbinger

+Occultist: Desecrator

+Nightblade: Reaver

+Arcanist: Soothsayer

+Shaman: Evoker

+Inquisitor: Relic Keep (in the sense of a Gatekeep; “Relickeep” looks awkward to me)

+Necromancer: Dreadblade (it was apparently the class name from the reveal?)

+Oathkeeper: Thane

Now here’s the interesting part. When I broached this on the Discord earlier today, Medeea said that three of the names ARE being used–and one of them is even on the correct dyad. (Considering the scrambling I went through to find something that would encompass both Berserker and Inquisitor, I’m pretty sure Relic Keep isn’t among them.)

Let the guesswork (and probably betting pools) begin…


I didn’t, Zantai did. He told you on the discord that 3 were right and one was spot on. He also told you that Dreadblade has been dropped as a class name.


There is Desecrator set for Cabalists, so if the name for Berserker + Occultist is right, set will have to change name? And Harbinger class name - again there is set with such name.

Soothsayer, Slayer, Thane - this is so much Titan Quest like.

Evoker as well from TQ.

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Nn, I know that when I was working out possible names, I wasn’t even thinking in terms of item names, just what could encompass both masteries’ conceits at once. (And for the record, I don’t think we can expect Skald despite anything Pathfinder 1e’s skald class might have implied to anyone, so that’s not up for +Inquisitor…)

Although several months ago, when I originally posted this guesswork on the subreddit, someone suggested Skinwalker for +Shaman. Please no. It’s a very fraught term; the Dine have reason to be wary of that sort of cultural appropriation. (The wendigos are sticky enough as is; no need to make things worse.) Skinchanger, I can understand, but that won’t help if there’s a way to build a viable Berserker/Shaman without any shapeshifting. Or maybe Invoker, as in calling upon the influence or authority of the wilderness/Mogdrogen.

And let the record show that several of the names are precisely because of previous masteries merrily borrowing from TQ. >>;

That said, the Desecrator Covenant set is apparently any Occultists, not just Cabalists despite the flavor text. But I can see how +Occultist might be be better rendered as something like Despoiler. The Harbinger('s Message) set, meanwhile, refers to a specific bounty hunter known as the Harbinger…although the set itself only bolsters Occultist skills. So we may not be able to pull a Sentinel here. (I was thinking harbinger of Ulzuin, anyway…)

The main trick right now is probably figuring out the most likely exact match. We know there’s exactly one, and my money is currently on Slayer. (No randomized haiku, please.) Thane is a close second.

i think Reaver is for Berserker + Necromancer.


I don’t think i’m very good at this.


I’m pretty sure the game isn’t that replete with bears.

(Yes, that’s what “berserker” means–“bear skin”. The original Norse berserkers apparently wore the hides of bears to add their fury to their own.)

Expansion needs to add all the bears. I want bears of all damage types.

Considering that “reave” originally meant “rob” (corpse theft in this case), it would make sense.



Would love if someone explained to me how Demo + Bers = Harbinger (no sarcasm, I’m really interested). I would call it Fire Claw - or something among those lines. Or maybe Pillager? Like killing people and burning stuff down savagely? I dunno man, like Norzan I’m not very good at this XD

(Relic Keep is a meme name)


I see Beastmaster making more sense with Shaman than Occultist.

And even with that, i don’t think there’s a class name in the game that actively tries to push into a specific playstyle because Beastmaster usually means someone that commands beasts and that’s a pet playstyle.

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Makes me wonder if a pet build would be viable: beasts and beastmaster.

Berserker + Bureaucrats = Rabid Activists?


I’d make a guess for zerk/demo Destroyer. Though it’s a bit generic.

Slayer is more affiliated with the Nightblade I think when it comes to affixes.

For fun I’ll say that the Arcanist will be called Rage Mage.


Meanwhile, I found a proper term for a guardian of relics, for the Berserker/Inquisitor dyad.

I’m not sure how many people in this day and age will take Custodian seriously as a class name, though.

Any wh40k fan will.

pillar custodes dramatic posing intensifies

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