Automated balancing between stockyards

When distributing production centers to be close to resources, I often wish to ensure the resources are put in the right stockpiles.

-Building Materials should be available in all stockyards
-Coal is needed in all stockyards close to heavy industry

Currently we’re only able to forbid a resource completely in a stockyard, which is not very granular. I’d love to be able to set min/max borders for each ware and have laborers and wagons spend their free time moving things around in bulk instead of my furnace guy spending half his time walking over the whole map picking up iron in stacks of 4.

Great game so far, thanks for all your work!

They’re working on a minimum stock for these types of buildings. So if you set 300 coal at the heavy industry area the building will demand the coal, creating a transfer task. At least that’s how they’ve spoken about it so far.

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