Awesome Crucible

Just finished 150 waves, what Lokarr, master of crucible can offer.

Need to try with my other build but I do not have much confidence if I will be able to beat it.

Had to fight loads of bosses/heroes (including area specific bosses) but they are not as powerful as they were in main campaign. Also had to endure all the nemesis, some came multiple times but overall I guess less than 10 times.

In the end got one legendary amulet, 2x blueprints and 4x Epics.

I played using similar build as of Squib’s Retaliation build.

Edit: If you reset the crucible, you can either start from the beginning or from Level 130.

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i did finish 150 waves at first difficulty as well but my trasure room was blocked by an invisible wall :frowning:

Walk far away so you can no longer see the door on screen then walk back and you should be able to go through. It’s a bug I see a LOT.

well thx a lot! i just gave up and lost my trasure but next time i will try your solution

Aww that’s very bad. It happens at times for me on other places.

Thank you! never thought that would work. I usually leave the area and come back again.

Do you know hoy many times can you reset from level 130? I did it twice I think, and I couldn’t do it again (no option available).


Finished aspirant difficulty, got as reward a bunch of trash and one legendary I already had three copies of, nice.

I have to say the first difficulty is hard enough, I dread how hard the other two will be.

Not sure, I’m still on my first reset. I kind of got stuck at wave 140, due to one of the mutator (Regenerating) 75% health regeneration keeping Herald alive for ages. I’m fighting for nearly 30 mins and Herald’s health is at same place :frowning:

That’s such a bad luck.

Exactly, other difficulties are going to be even harder.

oK, i thought i was doing super awesome until i started Gladiator difficulty, so i guess resistance are the same way as veteran/elite/ultimate. Gladiator being like ultimate, meaning that i need to start using some potions or consider changing my build.

So far so good, having a blast.

I died on wave 99 in Gladiator due to some surprising burst damage from the Sentinel + 2 random heroes. Ugh.
Overall the Crucible seems very grindy for little reward, if I consider how many monsters I killed in those 200 waves the loot was very underwhelming. Seems to me like this is more of a character benchmark thingy than good farming spot.

Oh for sure, the loot is not good at all, it is way better to farm nemesis or good “circuits” in the game just for loot than in the Crucible, hell even WAY faster and tbh, even more/better loot.

Still fun though , not complaining, but clearly it doesnt reward you at all in terms of farming gear compared to the main campaign.

I very much agree with you. The reward feels very underwhelming considering the amount of time that has to be put into it to get a “high” score.
Right now it’s a fresh gameplay experience but I feel like it might feel grindy very soon.

On the first difficulty it might be a good way for newer players to get started with some epics though, especially if they get buffed with!

Ugh I want the update. But alas I can’t afford internet right now.

The rewards are indeed not the best use of our time. And as usual they’re really random. Case in point, I cleared wave 1 to 150 on aspirant, got a pile of trash rares and a nightshades reach. Mediocre at best. So I decided to spend some tributes to reset at wave 130, this time I got two blueprints (I have about 10 left to find so this is really really good luck), siegebreaker and dread mask of what’s his name and an ortus and some nemesis shoulders I might actually use. So random.

Don’t think it was intended to be a loot-fest but just to kill stuff and test character’s strength

I do however think it should give us better rewards.

I got Anasteria’s Purple Hood, the first time I cleared 100.

Welcome to RNG. Working as intended.

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The really cool part of the crucible is that the monster infrequents drop like candy. If you keep restarting from wave 130, you get get like 4-6 of the nemesis shoulders per clear very easily.

This DLC is dangerously good.