B24 Hotfix 2 (v0.3.3.3)

v0.3.3.3 (b24 hotfix 2)


  • One of the 2H weapon-type default attack animations reworked to feel more powerful (the right to left uppercut-style attack)
  • Wasps no longer stretch upon ragdolling
  • Fixed an issue that caused casting speed when wielding 1h guns to be slower than intended for female characters


  • Fixed a crash when viewing players in the multiplayer server browser.
  • Double clicking on a character in the character selection list now starts the game


  • Lower Crossing and Wightmire areas have gotten a visual upgrade with new trees and other adjustments
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to lose progress on the quest Road to Homestead
  • Music has been updated in various Act 3 areas
  • For community translators: Added additional dialogue to Edwin_02.cnv


  • Adjusted the visual FX of Elixirs so they are less intense when multiple are used together

[Class & Skills]


  • Slightly adjusted physical bonuses on Deadly Momentum


  • Blackwater Cocktail fire damage increased - radius and energy cost slightly reduced
  • Flame Touched activated energy cost reduced


  • Amarasta’s Quick Cut now correctly has a Critical damage bonus


  • Elemental Balance now increases Electrical and Coldburn damage by the same amount as Burn damage

Sweet. Is the music new? Or have we heard it before?

[li]Double clicking on a character in the character selection list now starts the game[/li]
Was looking for just this thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Absolutely loving the new setup with the trees in Lower Crossing. Looks great.

Sweet! Been wanting this since you introduced the list in closed testing. :slight_smile:

Those trees look fantastic!

Thanks for the update!

Very nice guys!

+Double clicking on a character in the character selection list now starts the game.


I love this game!

New music :smiley: ?!?!

The changelog looks great, especially the new music and the double-click to start game feature, but 433.8 MB to download? :confused:

The trees and changes to Lower Crossing and Wightmire look amazing though! :slight_smile:

Can somebody please confirm me whether this is good or bad? (i.e buff or nerf)

Levels are big files, so anytime we have to re-save a number of levels, it’s going to be a big patch.

It’s a bit of both. We reduced the values slightly but the skill wasn’t working in the last build, so you could also consider it a 100% buff. :undecided:

We mainly reduced it a bit because we weren’t sure how powerful the effect would turn out to be and we haven’t gotten much time to test it. So we figured it would be better to start with more conservative values and then potentially buff it later, instead of starting with higher values and then nerfing it since people love buffs and flip out when we have to nerf skills. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, that’s great! I’m glad it’s now working as intended… good job!

Keep these hotfixes and balaceing updates comming! :smiley:

IN game skill number changes.

Deadly Momentum
% Physical bonus reduced from 50% to 40% at lv12.

Blackwater Cocktail
Energy cost reduced from 68 to 62 at lv12.
Fire damage increased from 18-30 to 19-33 at lv12.

Flame Touched
Bug or what? everything is the same as before hotfix.

Amarasta’s Quick Cut
+25% cri at lv8.

Flame Touched change looks like a joke

Very nice! :slight_smile:

[/li]Oh, can we please get this file to translate!

Many thanks for the hotfix… off to explore these new trees as they sound good looking :smiley:

solid new hotfix! I like it :smiley: