B31 Hotfix 1 (v0.3.8.1)

Thanks for the patch Crate!

RIP Mortars. :smiley:

To be clear, spirit and cunning damage bonuses were increased in B31. In the hotfix, I’ve lowered it but by less than half of the amount it was increased - so it’s still an overall increase from B30. I don’t have the old numbers in front me atm, so I can’t go into specifics. DoTs were decreased a little more than flat, on account of their new ability to crit.

This will reduce both player and enemy damage scaling from attributes.

Enemy difficulty bonuses were also nerfed but I can’t give an exact figure since they were adjusted in multiple ways. Their attribute bonuses were reduced, which will affect their damage, OA and DA. Their physical and total damage bonuses were reduced by something like 10-15%. The OA was also directly reduced. The changes are spread across all difficulties. On normal / veteran, it was only a moderate physical and total damage reduction. On elite and ultimate, it was attribute, OA, physical and total damage adjustments.

Life was also raised overall by 5% to compensate for the attribute damage scaling increases, which were intended more to add value to cunning and spirit, rather than just make enemies and player die faster.

I think after the original changes were made, I must have thought I’d built the changes before testing but possibly I didn’t, since things did not seem that difficult. That or maybe the characters I used were a little better than they should have been. Not really sure what happened but hopefully this will make things more playable.

This is kind of a rushed balancing job, so I don’t expect it to be perfect, I just wanted to quickly get the higher difficulties more playable for you all. We’ll work on turning it more over the next week in between putting out other fires and sorting out the logistics of release and everything that comes with it.


It was fun while it lasted.

Could you tell them to stop nerfing blademaster.

Doesn’t mean I can faceroll the game with an optimized spec means 99% of the population can.



I just want to say I appreciate this, as many others do. Thanks for the info, it is interesting and will help guide me and many others in figuring out what may still be the issue, if there still is an issue. The specific nerf to enemy physical dmg in elite in ultimate is the most promising thing out of your post… i think.

The reduction to cunning and spirit seems like a good way to tone down monsters too… and people will complain physique is still best but… 1 it’s okay if one stat is somewhat better than the others, not ideal, but better than other things (devotion, skills, items) being unbalanced. 2. If enemies don’t hit as hard we need less physique… is what I’m guessing your thoughts were.

And you lowered their OA too… so even less need for physique… ideally. Welp, again, thanks for chiming in. I’ll test it as soon as Steam let’s me! XD.

Thanks for the info and the changes, stacking Cunning and Spirit now has some use.

Now I’m waiting for Steam to $!€@£#% allow me to update and hoping my Pyro can still kill Log as smoothly as yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

very quickly! thanxs

Is this hotfix already implemented? Cause for me it does not. Still and no download.

Edit. It’s ok now)

We’re attempting to upload it but Steam can be finicky sometimes and it’s taking longer than expected. So, could go live any minute or in a couple hours… unfortunately, your guess is as good as mine right now.

Great work on the fast hotfix.

I can’t say i experienced survival issues as a melee on ultimate last night. Actually I had a lot more survivability because i picked up more armor from targo. Then again, I did not test Boc, so maybe i would have gotten my ass kicked in there.

I don’t feel the blademaster has been nerfed as a class. I gained points in every offensive and defensive stat from the patch. My output and survivability both improved. But then again, I don’t have very good gear. I just think they nerfed certain items and mechanics at the very top end.

Weird, I just played for a while, exited game for a moment and now its updating.

thanks for update

edit: Wow that new skill window UI is so much better, I didnt dislike the old one at all but that is so neat and tidy

Yesterday it was kind of a shock to me to see monsters deal 5-7k chunks of damage in one hit. I could barely survive. Though I like difficulty that was a bit too tedious to play. Thanks for your quick hotfix!

thanks gang from this Melee exclusive player

I love what you did to the Mastery window, it’s so much clearer. :slight_smile:


now please fix mousewheel skill getting stuck issue … purty pls~

Were there any undocumented changes? I noticed that my Reckless Guardian (from “of binding” suffix) changed timers. It was 180 sec recharge, 40 second life time, now its 45 sec recharge, 22 sec lifetime. I’m liking it more that way, for sure! :slight_smile:

Anyone have exact attribute values for current and in B30+B31?

Is “Ghavlin’s Crossbow’s” (the new rare from Wightmire) stun intended to be self-targeted? If so, procs description has to be changed as it does not reflect that.

please fix the game freezing problem :cry:

Still freezes even after hotfix…

The new skill UI is so much better. Thank you crate!

Love it!