[B31] How to play Pyromancer with 1hand - 7min BoC, ultimate Fabius kill 48sec etc

Update mostly complete below, just dont have time to make a BoC vid at the moment but need to leave the country for a while so putting it up without it.

[]Video: 40s fabius kill

Gearing 2.0:
gun #1: Hellborne Mark of dreeg or silvercore bolts, +chthonic dmg or +human dmg augment
relic: necrosis
belt: ulzuin’s torment dense fur + 10psn7vit resist augment
chest: Fanatics overcoat chains of oleron + 10cold10lightning resist
medal: Blood sigil of Ch’thon arcanespark
Rings: Lifegiver + random OA ring, or openhand of mercy+closed fist of vengeance ectoplasmx2 + mogdrogens sancitity x2
Shoulder: Shadowflame mantle silkswatch + 10fire/10lightning resist augment
head: Mark of Infernal Truth sancitifed bone or leatherhide + 10cold/10lightning resist augment
Hands: Harbinger’s grasp- unholy inscription+15lightning resist augment
Boots: Golemborne Greaves , mark of mogdrogen+15 lightning resist augment
Neck: Peerless eye of beronath - focusing prism + kymons -enemy dmg augment
Leg: Empowered Legplates of Valor silkswatch + 10cold/10lightning resist augment

[v1.0.0.2]grim calc with devos

LMB - firestrike (devotion ability solael’s witchblade)
RMB - flashbang (devotion ability ulzuin’s torch meteor shower)
mid mouse - blood of dreeg
mouse wheel down - necrosis
keyboard 1 - thermite mines
keyboard 2 - mask of infernal truth nuke ability (devotion abominable might)

keep up flashbang, this will also proc meteor rain for some extra dmg.
use thermite mines for bosses/harder enemies for extra -resist
use mask of infernal truth ability to proc abominable might on weaker mobs (it needs to make the killing blow so let them burn to death)

This is a more dps focused version taking advantage of offensive devotions, very powerful 2h specific kraken + shadowflame mantle triple hit proc.
This is no longer a regen focused build but rather rely more on lifesteal, beware that this doenst work on all enemies.

AOE is still pretty ok, so recommend to clear most trash instead of running past as healing requires more on attacking instead of all passive regen.

Fabius is still mostly facetankable with occasional kiting needed.
shar’zul - facetank not really recommended here, kite him.

Leveling guide:
lvl 1-10: start demo, get a point in grenado asap then skill mastery, stopping at cannister bomb and maxing it when possible.
lvl 10-30: max cannister bomb asap, a few more points in grenado, 1 point in each of the grenado enhancers, and level with these two. 1 point in the cannister bomb enhancer when able.
lvl 30+: now you can respec into firestrike, 1 point in FS, 1 point explosive strike, max brimstone, then max static strike. also get vindicative flame + flametouched, 1 point in flashbang and searing light, 1 point blastshield. once these are obtained, lvl up occultist, optional to get curse of frailty early or not, if your gear is decent, you can 1-2 shot almost everything and curse isnt needed.

do NOT start with firestrike at lvl1, it is very weak without brimstone.

Q: Does -resist X stack with -resist Y?
A: for resist debuffs, wording is very important. you can simultaenously stack:

-one source of “-n resist” or “n reduced resist” examples include plaguebearer,mark of dreeg, warcry breakmorale
-multiple sources of “-n% resist” examples include black matriach, assassins mark, exterminus
-one source of “n%reduced resist” examples include manticore, viper, maw of despair. this source is MULTIPLIED to the enemy’s resist (positive or negative) after the SUM of the above are applied.

multiple sources of -DA does not stack.

WTF WHY NO COF - cof only reduces fire but not chaos resist, a significant part of this build’s dmg is chaos now so necrosis/thermite mines debuffs both.
WTF WHY NO USE BOTH - too clunky, already enough things to cast.
WTF WHY NO MAX THERMITE - even 1 point gives 20%+ with plus skills as this scales more in the lower lvls. not enough skill points.

Blue color is very hard to read.

Nice character name.

curse of frailty counts as attack per tick per enemy, pop it on a group it will pretty much instantly proc solael’s witchblade + exterminus

Wat. You can bind procs to CoF in B31? Farewell Pox one-pointer.

no you can’t bind procs, but it will proc on attack effects like exterminus.
oops shouldn’t have included solael’s, it does not proc solael’s will make correction.

Also you skipped leg armor when describing your gear, which is Legplates of Valor :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice build!

Does flashbang work on late game bosses? reduce DA is hard to check, but what about fumble, impair aim, confuse? Or is the duration of debuff reduced significantly? (Same of curse of frailty)

yes it does, its op

Looks like a very solid build
but not very beginner friendly i think?

and how did you distribute you atribute points?



Ignoring the part where your devotion build isn’t even valid because you do not meet all the requirements …

Three points in Obelisk, yet you don’t take either the Tip the Scales proc or the three in Targo.

I was all like

maybe he remove certain points later? idk

fixed, just a blue missing, grimcalc hard to pay attention since it has no prereqs

anyway, the 3 points in obelisk gives a ridiculously amount of armor and DA, 300 armor and 30 DA for 1 point??? how else you think i have 1.5k armor with these items? hint obelisk received a big buff in case you still live in B30. grim calc is not up to date, try starting your game.

targo is nerfed, it now needs 4 points to get similar benefit as before, tip the scales is… just bad, when autoregen already far outweighs it. the mana part is obv a waste. (again, hint, patch notes, targo needs 4 points for the 400 hp now.)

i chose obelisk for that reason, going with the nerfed targo is still reasonable, but tip the scales is a joke.

nice attempt at witty tho - try reading the patch notes or playing the game next time, instead of reading devotion descriptions from an outdated grimcalc site.

see attribute distribution in grim calc.

the build is easy to play, but there are certain gear requirements that beginners may not have access to.

Grimcalc is updated for B31, good :slight_smile:

Dual pistol firestrike is among the simplest starter builds. But a new player won’t have the gear OP describes, thus will have much lower DPS and clearspeed.

It might take a new player a while to get to the dual pistol part, as early access to that depends on drops, before reputation + crafting provide a more “reliable” means of access…

However, this particular guide doesn’t level with Firestrike anyways, making this a moot point, and even when levelling with Firestrike, using a 2h ranged with Searing Strike should work out well enough until dual pistols can be enabled.

arcanist is nerfed to the ground

What did I miss?

Video: 7min BoC, no consumables.

You also skipped most hero monsters.

7/14 BiS

With this trash gear

The contradictions are strong in this one…

recommended are 2x yellow +1 static strike demolitionist rings with OA or attackspeed

What is the reason behind boosting a chance-based lightning skill when you are using primarily fire and chaos?
With points to +Brimstone, you gain free skill points that can be used elsewhere. Alternatively, rings with +1 Flame Touched will give you OA, % Fire/Lightning/Burn damage bonus and mainly flat +Fire damage, which gets boosted by all those + Fire things and - resists.

Also, I don’t play Occultist, but that Hellhound pet has an aura with 15m radius that gives flat Chaos damage and +8% Fire/Chaos per point, which seems like a really good idea, even if you just kept your pet at your side for this buff.

Nice build. Never thought pyromancer can be that tanky.

“i think is outdated now that arcanist is nerfed to the ground.”

Hmm. 43k dps, perfect survi so i dont know whats the prob. o.0 (mad sorc)

static strike’s chance goes up to 75% and 390 damage at lvl 22, its very strong despite having not as much lightning damage, if you are able to get it that high, but its hard. the point usage isn’t a big deal, theres plenty of points tbh. the lightning % isn’t that low, flametouched gives lightnign damage also, and we will have a decent amount of spirit as well. but going flametouched isn’t bad.

good point on hellhound, not sure how well it survives as a melee pet without going pet bonuses, probably worth 1 point at least.

wanted to see how fast i can complete BoC, ill make a vid with killing all heros i come across, it won’t take that much longer

7/14 BiS? most guides are showing perfect gear…

What he is able to achieve with perfect gear is higher paper dps, he is lacking alot of -enemy resists, turning on maiven will cut his dps also, i doubt his real dps will be higher than mine. in terms of defense, the stats he showed isn’t even remotely close to mine, i don’t know what your talking about “perfect survi”. many low resists, 900 vs. 1500 armor, 10k hp vs 13k, 1600 DA vs. 1900, minimal hp regen vs. 450hps to 1500hps<- this is the game changer in my build. i know for a fact he has to kite and cannot facetank + shotgun, further lowering his dps.

Going to try out this build as my first toon. For the devotion part, which areas should I focus early on?

get solael’s witchblade asap, as well as giants blood. devotion skills need to be leveled up, some of them take a long time to level, so get a head start. you don’t want to start lvling a devotion skill fresh at lvl 70+