[b31] - Lightning/Fire Retaliation Tank

So after way too many hours testing different classes, skills, gear and devotions - I finally landed on what I think is the most versatile Retaliation build in B31.


You’ll notice fairly quickly that there aren’t ANY offensive spells in the build. (I’ll address that a little bit later on) On the surface, the build appears to be entirely centered around survivability and retaliation damage. It doesn’t really start to make sense until you start looking at the gear itself and the devotions tree.

Stat Points:
47 Physique
20 Cunning
20 Spirit

Messenger of War
Shield Maiden
Obelisk of Menhir
Light of Empyrion (5/7 for resists)
Tree of Life ( all but the 12% health node)

DawnBreakers Sledge
DawnBreakers Duty
Ulzuin’s Headgaurd
Ulzuin’s Shouldergaurds
Ulzuin’s ChestGaurd
Handgaurds of Justice
Thornhide Leggaurds
GolemBorn Greaves
Ulzuin’s Torment
Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm
Mark of Divinity
Heart of Ulzuin
Closed Fist of Vengeance
Other Ring = Rare ring w/ poison resist

The idea behind the gear is to increase tankiness, health, health regen, retalliation damage and of course fire and lightning damage. A few items probably aren’t best in slot (namely the boots and ring) but for the most part this is your target gear.

Recommended Components
Aether Soul= Aether Resistance
Antivenom Salve = Poison & Acid Resistance
Corpse Dust = HP / Regen / Vitality Resist
Sanctified Bone= Chaos Resist / Vitality Resist
Serrated Shell = Block Recovery Time / Retaliation Damage
Mark of Myromidan = Block Recovery / HP / DA
Silk Swatch = Bleed Resistance / Pierce Resistance
Spined Carapace = Armor / Retaliation Damage
WardStone = Bleed Resist / Resist Elements
Mark of Dreeg = AOE DPS
Mark of Mogdrogen= HP / HP Regen
Unholy Inscription = Vitality Resistance / Bleed Resistance

Shard of Beronath = Grants “Beronaths Fury” - Primary DPS Skill

***See All Components

The majority of your builds damage will be coming from ulzuin’s wrath & retaliation damage. The reason this build is so much more effective than most retaliation builds though is because of it’s dps and multiple proc abilities to keep you alive and dish out dps to ranged casters. In most cases you will run up to a group of casters, melee units will trigger all your proc effects (there are several from gear + devotions) and they will get demolished ALMOST as quickly as the melee units.

Make no mistake, this is rare for retaliation builds.

Since the commando build relies entirely on health regen and high defensive stats to stay alive, simply pop overgaurd when you enter a fight and you shouldn’t take any damage by the time the fight is over and overgaurd is off cooldown. (not that overgaurd is really needed in most fights!)

Finally - You’ll need to farm/trade your self a shard of beronath. This is your single target dps skill, and how you’ll be clearing content faster than any other tank. With all of the increased elemental, fire, lightning and % all damage increases you get from this build - You’ll be sitting at 10k+ dps with a full stack of beronath. (12k+ with fighting spirit maxed).

Combined with your retaliation, tsunami, ulzuins wrath and ulzuins pyroclasm procs even ranged only bosses should go down relatively fast.

Quick Stats
Health = 12k
Energy = 1k (after buffs - but no need for energy potions)
Block Chance = 77%
Block Recovery = 55% (100% w/ overgaurd)
Retalliation damage = absurd
Beronath DPS = 10k (will full stacks / 12k+ with maxed fighting spirit procs)
HP Regen Per Sec = 630 base
12.5k Armor (Without procs)
2k OA
2k DA
Resists = All maxed / over-max%

Video coming soon!

Looks interesting. Any leveling tips?

This is so far removed from min/maxed it’s not even funny : /

No attack skill at all…maxed Soldier tree for no reason…Just no.

Menhir’s Bulwark has tons of retaliation damage… no reason at all? And Shard of Beronath is his attack skill. Did ya read?

This is so far removed from min/maxed it’s not even funny : /

No attack skill at all…maxed Soldier tree for no reason…Just no.

I’ll have to post a video to help clarify/showcase the build. That should help clear things up!

Looks interesting. Any leveling tips?

Sure thing!

Level 10
Level 20
Level 30
Level 40
Level 50
Level 60
Level 70

Something like the above. Taking blade arc to level up, starting with a 2h from level 1-22 and then transitioning to the guardsmen set at around level 22. I also recommend supplementing your damage with the mutagenic ichor or preferably the mark of dreeg component. Honestly, whichever granted skill item you prefer here.

The above build assumes you won’t get a shard of beronath until around level 70. (most likely longer if this is your first character) That said, If you can get your hands on one earlier than that, go ahead and respec out of blade arc and dump those points into the demo tree for more damage.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for answer;)

I would suggest to start with demo tree and lvl up with fire strike and 2h rifle till mid levels - 30 to 50, and then switch to retaliation build and gear. Will make leveling a lot faster and easier

Hmm I never tried it with a 2h Ranged Weapon- that is solid advice. Thanks;)

**Also - Updated the guide with recommended components.

I happened to level up both 1h+shield blademaster and dual pistols sorcerer at the same time
Leveling with ranged weapons is much faster, packs of mobs die in a couple of seconds with fire strike, bosses die in like 10 seconds. Melee 1h+shield start showing its power in late game with decent gear, but really not that cool in early game.

Just came across this and thought others might be interested.

I’ll try to get my own bastion of chaos run recorded soon.


I absolutely guarantee the single target damage is be abysmal but clear speed on trash will be good.
I’ve tried it my self. It pails compared to a plethora of options available for builds.
Bring on the video…but ya.

looks kinda fun a sword and board but style looks like a magician fireballs everywhere :smiley:

why do we need 20 in cunning and 20 in spirit?

20 spirit = ammy requirements (could probably get away with a tad less depending on gear)

20 cunning = so you have decent single target dps & chance to hit

How about picking up a blast shield from demo tree?

My guess is blast shield doesn’t suit this build because it gives high chance to avoid projectiles, which means it will take more time to kill ranged mobs

PS: still waiting for a video of this build in action :smiley:

The other ring should be an Empowered Sentinel’s Seal, works well with this build

I tried this build out using the recommended items and skill build but there is 1 problem single target damage, especially when the target has high HP and is alone, takes a good minute or two before you take them down

Can you add a recommended augments for those stats?

any ideas how to improve it?

btw how is survivability? can you facetank?