Bad Gameplay - make it better

It’s annoying that deliveries to the trading post are far too slow. Why can’t you assign additional employees as expansion increases?
It would be very nice if you could attract new settlers, as there are always far too few workers in the village. A new building (recruiter) could recruit one worker each for a payment of 500-1000 gold.
And it’s a real shame that the production of simple tools is far too low. The forge would need to be able to produce tools more quickly, and the number of raw materials consumed would need to be reduced somewhat. Currently, the production of tools barely covers the wear and tear of the tools used.


I concur. This game needs a lot more upgraded buildings and efficiency enhancements until 1.0 release. Every production building needs at least a tier 2 or even tier 3 upgrade.
Also, new settlers should be able to be ordered from traders like items are. Just pay them a certain set amount of gold per and specify how many you want, then they bring them with the next visit (having recruited them in other settlements elsewhere.

Bu you actually can boost the production of tools and smithing goods quite substantially with the relic Targo’s Hammer and with the Guild hall building.

In my current playthrough i have huge amounts of iron ore available, focusing my industry around it.
I slot Targo’s Hammer in my temple and have the guild hall set to boost mines.
So far with around 700 population, i can make well due with two tier 2 smelters and smithies each, fed by 4 regular ore mines still producing surplus.
Would need to expand that at least by one or two additional smelters and smithies once i approach 1000 pop though.

Firstly, I disagree on the title. Very Generalized thing to say about a game that is overall very enjoyable to waste time on.

I’ll agree on the part of scarcity for simple tools/resources they wear out far too soon unless you’re head-strong progression to town tier 3/4 where we can finally produce tools which are needed for almost every essential production building.

Many times I run out before Tier 3 Town and im stuck trading hundreds of gold for tools
Then trade a few more hundred because Heavy Tools are also locked and needed for several essential buildings, would be nice to have a head-start or something with this game function, its been difficult to plan around for sure.

Are you getting deliveries of your excess trading resources in before the traders come? Best to do it after Winter hits, then you’ll get everything (and that’s if you do it all manually like I do)

Why don’t you just put a warehouse and a root cellar right next to the trading post and stock things like cheese, herbs and other top sellers there? Why don’t you transfer your extra goods, which are supposed to be sold, in the winter time to the trading post? Play a bit smarter than you won’t run into annoying problems.

The title is really not helpfull. Really bugs me.

Let me support the OP, this game is very nice, but the time sink to get anywhere in the game I find a barrier to enjoy it. This from someone who put 10k hours in other building games.

Sounds like this game is too much of a challenge for you. It does require more thought than most city builder games.

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I completely share your comments about gameplay. Developers must consider improving production processes and resource management for a smoother and more convenient gaming experience. I can offer some advice if you’re looking for additional ways to enhance your playtime. I recently buy steam accounts for convenience during gameplay. There might be an account out there that can help you make discoveries in the game world or improve the current process in your village.

Really? I speed run Anno 1800 on Ultimate Expert, lots of fun. Very complicated game, with loads of nuances. This game simply has a lot of destructive loops that are hard to break free from, which each time costs lots of time, which is very annoying.