Bad situation

Hello everyone, having bought the game due to the fact that it has a cooperative and a friend has it, I discovered that he can’t connect to me because of my lack of DLC. I understand why I will not be allowed to visit him … because of greed, but why can he not help me and enjoy the cooperative? Sorry for nagging

Honestly, man, but all DLCs. If you found it in your heart that vanilla GD was worth it, trust me now and accept this simple truth: DLCs are worth it.

Actually, I’d even take it one step further. Vanilla GD is not really worth it without the DLCs.


grim dawn is now designed that all dlcs SHOULD be purchased if you want the ULTIMATE experience… the vanilla game is just like its name, plain vanilla flavor its just yuck, bland and never tastes that good :face_vomiting:

Well, he can help you, but he needs to downgrade (disable Expansions / DLC) and create a new Character. For the Reason why? It’s the Technical side. The DLC’s / Expansions adds new Items, Classes and other stuff. It would end in error and crashes because you miss all the files of said Items / Classes & Stuff. So for the Game to being compatible it would require that you also download all the files, which than again would be an issue, because the Game is absolutely open, offline playable and hugely moddable so every Base-Game buyer could easily unlock the DLC / Expansion Content via Mod without paying the devs for the work they put into said DLC’s / Expansions. I hope that’s understandable.

Also i’ve to disagree with previous peoples. Grim Dawn does worth it even without the DLC’s / Expansions… it worthed for majority of people who sticked to the game since early access, don’t see the issue here. However the Game still is way better with the Expansions…

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As LightningYu said, it’s not greed, more on the technical side as the expansions add things that simply don’t exist in the base game.

That said there is a way you can play together if you don’t want to get the expansions atm - they are on sale currently on Steam btw. Have a look at this thread.

That should solve the problem for you. Enjoy!