Battlemage: Shield build with Phys. to Aether

I am currently leveling a melee Battlemage with a shield that is focused on converting physical to aether damage.
At the moment I am level 52 and so far so good (although slow on the dps at the moment, at level 50 it started to feel much better). Not that I have that much conversion from phys. to aether now, but it will come when I am level 65.

The items I have in mind for the build are:
Sword: Mindwarp
Shield: Will of the Living
Head: Maw Of Despair
Shoulders: Iskandra’s Pauldrons
Chest: Iskandra’s Vestments
Gloves: Aethereach
Pants: [Wraithborne Legwraps](Wraithborne Legwraps)
Feet: Wraithwalkers
Amulets: The Peerless Eye of Beronath or Essence of the Grim Dawn or Markovian’s Distinction
Medal: Badge of Mastery with + to Cadence
Rings: Screams of the Aether and Band of the Eternal Haunt
Waist: Tinker’s Ingenuity or Phantom-Thread Girdle
Relic: Agrivix’s Malice

I have most of these items already so what I am looking for is input from others if you have similar builds.

  • What is your experience with it?
  • Does it work?
  • Is it tanky?
  • Do you focus on more physical damage/gear than what I have in mind?
  • What gear would you go for, or what gear would you change from the above?

Other than that I’m interested in your take on what constellations to choose.

Hope to hear from you!

I tried countless times to make a char like the one you have in mind.

Simply and clear, it do not work…:cry:

One problem here is that conversion in this case do not help much (also iirc 100% only 6 sec out of 14). Dps will be low.

If you want to deal melee aether dmg, i can advice:

1- Primal Strike Druid, with Temporal Archblade (also the 3/4 of the devotions that buff aether buff lightning as well). Strictly inferior to a full Ultos’one, but still playable.

2- Fire Strike dw Sorceror, with Warp Fire (one with cold>fire conversion above 90% is ideal) in the off-hand, maxed brimstone and two Albrecht’s Duality with decent rolls (mostly you need 100% chaos>aether conversion between the two rings). Very good versus trash mobs due to OFF (clear a screen in a single cast), a little weak (but still playable imho) against bosses.


Can we have a grim calc for your actual build, to see what skill you use ?

I refuse to think it doesn’t work untill I have tried it myself haha. But thx for the input. Really appreciate it.

Neglecting defense completely, wielding two mindwarp at once (with relics/medals that give dw) and wearing all the possible items that have flat/percentage bonuses to aether damage and under both the procs from the swords/bonuses like Fighting Spirit one of my battlemages managed to break 30000 dps. But almost any mobs in the game (ultimate ofc) would have one-shotted her.:o

If you really want to try, i can only wish you better luck than mine.:smiley:

I had the Aethertank in mind too pls keep us/this up to date

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I tried basically your exact build.

Sadly I must mirror ETK’s message: it doesn’t really work. It suffers too greatly in applied DPS and survivability. The majority of your damage output will come from Targo’s Hammers procs, but what with the nerfs to shield blocking over the last couple patches, its impossible to get a 100/100 chance/recovery setup and not do dick for damage.

Plus you’ll never be able to kill Aether Crystals, which are immune (or at least highly resistant to) Aether Damage. And in case you haven’t noticed, there’s kind of a lot of them in the game.

A question for everyone. Did you level to the point where you were level 75+ and had 50/50 devotion?

Lvl 85 with 50/50 devotion + all the skill/attribute points from quests + all the craziest, most OP items you can think of.

I was trying to “reshape” an old battlemage, but i found this was not the way to do it.

I see. Well interesting. I will give it a try this weekend and see how it goes I guess. I don’t doubt you, but I still have to give it a try.

Please, prove me wrong and you’ll become my new personal hero… seriously.

Not really sure about convert to phys, because multiple damage types are king. I’m attempting a lightning/aether dmg play through, and plan to update my older battlemage.

My older battlemage focused on using gear/passives to boost aether damage from devotions, and other procs (like good ole aetherfire). The point was to cause the procs to go off as much as possible. The base damage, was not aether though. It was more phys dmg, and trauma.

Like Ceno says, its a pain in the arse to fight crystals with pure aether damage. Again, that’s why having multiple damage types helps alot. Though, I’m curious what the resistance on those crystals are.

Other than those crystals, there is two other aetherials I can think of that have high aether resistance: harvesters (in spirit form), and Flesh Hulks. Beyond those, there is bosses like the Herald of the Flame.

Another nice feature of having multiple damage types is you can weapon swap to whatever damage type happens to deal more damage on a specific type of enemy.

At the moment I am level 53 and I am on Elite in Homestead. I am destroying the lvl 59 - 60 mobs with ease with my current gear which is not overwhelmingly good.
My DPS is at around 4900 buffed (with no bottles) and goes up to around 6 - 7K with procs.
My overall toughness is ubergood at the moment. I am at 7K hp and resistances way up there. With block chance and everything else I just face tank all that is.

Offcourse at level 65 much will change gear wise so I will update on that.

Sounds quite good :smiley:

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Thought I’d post an image of my character just to show how it currently looks like. As I wrote I have an easy time clearing lvl 59 - 60 mobs at the moment. And it goes pretty smooth. The DPS jumps to about 6 -7K when proccing.

Devotions 1

Devotions 2

Will you push soldier Mastery further? I Like it so far , are the devotion procs speeding Things up as much as lets say a falcon swoop or not as nice?

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I will push it to Squad Tactics, at 32 points in.

Yes it is speeding things up very much. The combined AOE and damage of Arcane Bomb and Targo’s Hammer makes all the difference.

You are in mid-Elite and you have insane gear. So of course it’s working well right now. You’ll also do fine through much of Ultimate. What ETK and Ceno are talking about is what happens when you get into the more difficult portions of Ultimate. This build doesn’t perform well in BoC, against Log, against Nemesis, etc.

A lot of people want this type of build to work. If you can succeed with this you will be a hero. Then we’ll all copy you. Good luck!

Haha thx. I Will try!

I have been planning one for a while but just not sure what to do with it. There doesn’t seem enough support to use cadence well but maybe going a caster and using soldier for tankiness would work best. My commando does that it it’s great.

I have both of these and they seem really good for the build: