Bear kills entire enemy camp

Hi not sure if it is already reported, but I build a tower near to a enemy camp to defend me, if they are attacking. Then I formed an army and send them to the direction. Suddenly, my army was already grouping close a bear showed up.

It was a very lovely bear, because it killed the entire enemy camp one after the other. All I had to do afterwards was destroy the tower and the camp. That was a huge help for me, because I have the feeling that the camps are tougher, but it’s certainly not the aim of the game I think.

Best case would of course be, that the enemies are attacking the bear if it attacks them (and not only the one who is actually attacked). Quick fix could at least be, that the tower attacks the bear if it is attacking.

One game had a two tower camp near a wolf den, each wolf would kill a raider before the others got the wolf.

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Also great, but the bear wiped the whole camp :smiley: All raiders are death.