Best ranged build for a beginner comprising from Soldier, Shaman, nightblade and demolitionist classes?

As asked in question, wanted to play a ranged build, but all beginner ranged builds always use Inquisitor. Is there one with 2 of the classes in title which is strong enough for a beginner to use and not too gear dependent ?

Best Ranged builds for beginner are Paladin and Vindicator
Both use Inq inside, because only Inq have nice Ranged WPS skills

In short, yes, you can make a ranged build out of these, it won’t even be that hard to play for a beginner, but it won’t be strong endgame and will start to fall off once you go from levelling up to farming gear.

The least problematic would be a ranged Primal Strike Shaman, pair with Demolitionist or Soldier I guess.

Alright, maybe Inquisitor is the best for a gun based build, but I already am building a AAR mage hunter and a Aegis menhir paladin, so wanted to try some other classes and a playstyle not yet done by me, if this char needs some gear, my other characters can farm it for him, no issue. My main concern is that it should be able to finish at the main campaign till ultimate and be strong from veteran to ultimate. For endgame farming, i have others to help him…:slight_smile:

Would you happen to have a beginner’s guide link for any of those ? It’s alright if ti can’t farm gear in high SR etc, my other characters can farm somethings for him…

I’m thought you want a Ranged build
But now you speak about casters :thinking:

NO I am wanting a 2h rifle/crossbow or 2 gun ranged builds

No, I’m afraid not. Only thing I have is this Vindicator build, courtesy of Nery:

It should be relatively easy to remake as an Elementalist.

Than my answer is the same Best for beginners are Paladin and Vindicator

demo is the originally intended class for ranged fire-strike auto-attack build mixed with offensive spells and debuffs. its easy to get aoe damage with demo to speed up farming. demo needs additional defensive support from other masteries however. and more fire rr.

soldier is good for physical/pierce ranged auto attack, but it will struggle a lot with mobs since its aoe damage from cadence needs a lot of skill points to be reliable, and you need to line up targets for it to be effective.

shaman viability for ranged auto attack has already been explained by stupid dragon.

nightblade with ranged auto attack… not recommended. its possible, but nightblade has almost no support for ranged skills (amarasta blade burst which is a strong attack skill but the 2 sec cd is kinda uncomfortable for ranged build. and phantasmal blade which works like a cast spell). only choose nightblade as secondary mastery for support to your ranged auto attack build.

still. i think inquisitor is still the best and beginner friendly mastery for ranged auto attack build. it has 3 ranged wps, good damage types (pierce/elemental) which has almost no enemies immune to it, a strong healing skill, aoe debuff trap that enhance your damage even more, and the strong inquisitor seal which greatly enhance survivability.

however, i think all ranged auto attack build will be very reliant on good gears. because ranged weapons in grim dawn are designed to be weaker than melee weapons. not to mention that common ranged weapons also have big physical to pierce percentage conversion ratio, which hurts your damage greatly unless you can strengthen both of them decently/strengthen only one of them/choose another damage type altogether, such as elemental.

having a ranged build without the inqui (Unless you don’t have AoM) is beyond my comprehension

this is a reason I ask for mythical will of fate every time it comes up.

Frankly, I’m just playing my first non-inquisitor non-defiler ranged character, a Fire Strike Sorceress. WPS is not there at all, so it’s very much for the leveling process (and to display to Z the abysmal state of gun sorcs, once a staple of vanilla GD)

Yes, I’m using gunslinger’s relic for the WPS.

You can also play Pyromancer (Demo/Occultist) as the darkblaze set has some WPS to offset the loss of inquisitor wps skills.

Con: You have to kill Scorv.

Alright, I understand that the best ranged builds using guns always have Inquisitor as it the best skills to support them, maybe I should have asked, what’s the next best build or what was when AoM wasn’t there…:slight_smile:

Do people not used to play Ranged builds prior to AoM ? Or were they heavily nerfed after it launched etc ? I have both AoM and FG so it’s not like I can’t use Inquisitor, it’s just that many of my planned builds somehow always use Inquisitor so I wanted to play a builds without it to experience other classes a bit…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, yeah at one glance at Inquisitor mastery tells me that it’s probably the most well rounded class for a lot of things, has incredible support, defence and offence options for almost any build

It’s possible. Darkblaze Pyro is extremely strong. Then there’s also harbinger Pyro.

You could maybe do an old school valdun commando as well, but it would pale in comparison to the purifier.

Thanks for the reply, yeah somehow ranged builds seem to me are best used at very end after reaching lvl 100 and acquiring a lot of gear, and for levelling one has to choose some other kind of route…

Yes and no. I would imagine that it’d be very possible to do up a vindicator ranged build using faction gear

A few, but if you wanted to dual wield guns then you needed to find gear that gave you that ability (still do if you don’t use Inquisitor as one of your masteries).

Have a look here and see if there are any ranged for the base game.

Thanks, will look there