Best support class for Korvan Wyrm Primal Strike

I’ve theorycrafted Vindicator GrimTools that has a beautiful yellow Inquisitor Seal and is very balanced
but then I realized I can use other masteries just as easily:

  • Soldier GrimTools

    • more OA and Armor, ~200% more damage
    • not using Savagery -> less AS and Physical Resistance
    • no absorption from Exclusive or Inquisitor Seal
    • also not using Wendigo Totem
  • Occultist GrimTools

    • Physical RR from Curse of Frailty is obviously the best feature
    • %Physical Resist is good too but the build has a ton of it anyway
  • Oathkeeper

    • similar to Occultist

Which mastery would you choose for Crucible? If Soldier / OK what Exclusive would you choose?
I don’t have enough experience to tell without intensive testing and I hope you can spare me some of it.

PS I’ve found a bug causing Ranged Expertise stat bonuses to not show in Grim Tools for 2h-ranged weapons so add ~11% AS to the build.

[edit] Added GrimTools for Warder and listed differences with Vindicator

[edit2] Added GrimTools for Conjurer

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Syka !!! Give him attack speed fuck !!! Crossbow cool . But no attack speed

Has 178% Attack Speed in Grim Tools.
Due to a bug actually around 189% because Ranged Expertise is not included.
Has 5 temporary Attack Speed buffs so it should be capped 200% all the time anyway.

So AS on the crossbow is not actually needed in this particular build
although I would welcome it for sure - always more flexibility when choosing items and devotions.

Keep in mind that Oathkeeper basically has no attack speed for this build as you don’t wanna stack RF on top of savagery while spamming PS. Conjurer always seems like a solid class for 2 ranged, besides the obvious vindicator. Warder probably doesn’t have enough RR.
About crucible…you know me and my limited game time in that mode :rofl:
Vindicator and Conjurer are my favorites for this, inquisitor for seal’s flat absorb and conjurer for phys res and better kiteability (due to no seal).

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I chose Witchblade in the past for Physical Forcewave so I definitely see the reason for Occultist.

Well same amount as Vindicator. Also remember I have additional -30% Phys RR on Devouring Swarm from amulet and helm to compensate for single RR class (single if not using Occ or OK that is). Not mentioning RR on ring and relic.

I added Warder to OP if someone would like to compare it to Vindicator.

  • more OA and Armor, ~200% more damage
  • not using Savagery -> less AS and Physical Resistance
  • no absorption from Exclusive or Inquisitor Seal
  • also not using Wendigo Totem

Definitely a simpler and less durable version for someone who likes fewer buttons

As you can see my heart goes for the simple Soldier unless his durability will not be enough to stand still and DPS everything down in Crucible in comparison to the Vindicator guy (the yellow Seal is beautiful though so it’s a tough choice). And maybe in the end Occultist is the best option overall. I’ll probably have to test them all to find the answer and then I’ll write about it in this thread which turned out to be the best in Crucible or maybe make a thread with it to show performance.

I had theorycrafted this Targo Archon with @fordprefect around cooldown PS. We chose the non-spam PS because the weapon lacks attack speed, but has CDR and so does the Targo hat. Never did get around to testing it. If you’re looking for a simpler build obviously this won’t appeal to you.