Best Warlord Retal


Download : (2.3 MB)

Use your to ring example testing :

Grim tools :

Retalation tank good fight and result :

-Killed Calagadra



-Burbon :

Circureble Gladiator ( Гладиатор ) - Full Max 170 !

Quest : Secret’s : Lokkar + Burbon ( done ).

SR 75-76 almost done or later . It is good fight from it. Not problem with build.


Tiger has left the game


Yup, noticed that :smile:

Maybe full max means maximum number of players?


I’m one play now , from full and after finish 170 Circureble , and after finally join and leaving for it.
Holy moly, I forgot from disable multiplayer .

I will go update again now.

5 skill points free to spend on your grimtools link?

Yes you can individual install.

Well, I was down to just needing two more pieces for this…then happened. :smiley:

Soon i will update it.


What are your ideas for that? It’s good that the stoneguard set wasn’t touched. And the defensive side of the building I think is still there. I haven’t had a chance to get on yet to feel how it plays currently. Very interested in your thoughts for it. I enjoy learning about the theory crafting.


That’s is right about it

Patch done later version=)


So been looking it over. I am playing HC so I use the ‘with resist’ version. It looks like on the main version you only swapped out the rings to potentially use the closed fist/open palm rings?

Would you keep the ‘with resist’ version pretty much the same? I’ve been running it and I don’t really feel much of a difference other than it seems to kill slower. I wonder if the Judicator rings would actually be good for the with resist version too because the faster attack speed would help with sustain better.


I might try to test this myself but currently I’m running @MikeFic_YT 's Grim Dawn Season 2 and it’s kicking my ass, so it might be a little bit before I get back to non-season.

Ring special based to Targo devotion protect with defend .
I will add right resistance, but don’t death it , I right testing from it , so happy good .
Ring because later version to added later patches

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Hi! I would like to use ur build for a new character. But which order to skill? First soldier or oathkeeper?

Honestly levelling with retal is pretty difficult since retal is item dependent and face-tanking stuff (which is necessary for retal builds) is also somewhat item dependent. I’d suggest levelling as soldier with 2h forcewave (with Tremor) and then switching to this build when you’re level 94 or higher and have at least the stoneguard set. You can also probably level with blade arc instead of forcewave, again as 2h.

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Skill from Soldier : Active , Passive Oathekper - Passive .


I have try mixed Poison/Physical retal.

I killed Ravager, Calagadra with out problems.

SR 75-76 too … But in Crucible i can’t pass 125 … :frowning:

Thk you for comments…

Any update for the final build?

@Leopold Privet, can you please add the devotion order and skills distribution for 10 lvl, 20 lvl, 30 lvl, etc ?
Thank you.

Updated Warlord and with Ocaloth Helm, to actual .

Good Lucky!

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