Best way to farm legendary set items

Hi all and apologies for asking a question i have no doubt has been asked before many times.
I am a lvl 100 "skelemancer/cabalist and i cannot remember when i got my last upgrade.

So my question is am i better off farming end game content in elite or low/middle game content in ultimate difficulty? I would love to get the “lost souls” set but any decent upgrades which would help me progress through ultimate would be good.
In ultimate all i am doing is finding and killing the various totems i am able to reach.

If your build strong enough, go totem run on ultimate or do SR 50-51+ . If you can’t handle ultimate SR you can go back to Elite SR.

Best way to farm legendaries is to sow purple seeds in GDStash and then wait for them to grow into complete items.

You can see my field of Conduits on the right nicely arranged.


You still need sufficient number of set items and transmutation materials.

Thanks guys, absolutely no hope doing ultimate SR so will try Elite.
Had no idea those “seeds” even existed - still a noob.