Beta keyholder checking in

… and probably never checking out :smiley:

Heys everyone! Somebodys may know me from, and the rest of you will quickly come to regret not blocking me earlier :wink:

Just claiming my “beta” key and about to delve into the wonderful world of Cairn for the first time. Can’t wait to play that Nightblade :cool:

See you in the ‘trenches’ :rolleyes:

hi and welcome, and hope you enjoy GD

Hi and have a nice time!

Have fun with your Nightblade - that mastery rocks :wink:

Hi and welcome!

Hi essjayehm, glad you can join us now. You’ll find lots of similarities, but quite a few differences too (be prepared to kite a lot more!). No rebirth fountains and bigger maps for exploration. Lots more monsters/heroes than in TQ are likely to surprise you when you least expect them. :smiley:

Welcome to the game and yes we will see you in the trenches because there are a few trench like pathways in the game :slight_smile:

However I guess we’ll have to wait for beta or a bit after beta to have multiplayer implemented so as to make that statement actually true.

Hey essjayehm, quique says hi and he’s been missing you over at TQ. I told him you’d just gotten your access to GD so not to expect you back there very soon. But don’t forget us over there will you?

Heh… yeah I guess I kinda forgot about the gang over there when I got really :furious: with TQ (endless farming for SBC in untwinked HC challenge).

I’ll have to pop back there sometime and say hi :slight_smile:

Where did you try? I’ve always found my SBC’s in the MinoLab (rooms just before the last rebirth fountain) rather than the Gorgon caves. But then I usually crank the Defiler up for drops from monsters and cut out the colour options so only greens and above drop wen farming there. Not really good for a no twinking hardcore toon I guess. :wink:

That doesn’t increase your MI chances medea, you’ll just get more green Gorgon Cuffs. Any Stonebinder’s you find will have green affixes, which can be detrimental if you want one of Alacrity.

Yeah, I know Shalie. But all I can say is that with them turned off nothing dropped and with them turned on they did. The best ones I’ve found are of the Gryphon, Hardy … of Trickery, and of Recovery. It’s why I don’t do a lot of farming though. I get frustrated that what I want doesn’t drop for me so prefer to get a wonderful surprise when just playing through the game and a miracle happens. :smiley:

oh, my kingdom for …of trickery SBC’s… just didn’t happen with the last toon I played in 8 or 9 days of farming.

Getting my Nightblade up to level 25 was much less infuriating :wink: Dinged her up there this morning just outside the Warden’s cellar so I popped in there for one more go with the big guy.

Was trying to take some screenies to show her off, but I can’t find out where they are going :undecided: There is no Screenshot folder in Documents->yada->Grim Dawn so I’m at a loss right now.

I think they get stored somewhere up on Steam, but I’ve no idea where.

Yeah, you can modify where screenshots for Grim Dawn are saved by changing settings in Steam. I think you have to right-click the game name and there’s some kind of Properties menu or something. I can’t remember. I know I just Googled how to do it.

Once you change the path, just press F12 to take a screenshot.

The folder should be under <…\My Games\Grim Dawn&gt;!

But … on my PC with Win7 x64 it do not work, under XP x32 already?!

I use a clipboard tool (Yankee Clipper X) and the screenshots will be generated but not saved!?

Not with me!?

FRAPS should work, I mean.

Based on this Steam forum post, the location of Steam screenshots is

Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata&lt;your user id>\760\remote\42170\screenshots

Yep, this. But you can override that location on a per game basis. I moved mine to my Pictures folder, but will be moving it to my Grim Dawn folder at some point.

Ah good to know! I guess I should poke more in the Steam client for these sorts of things. Thanks!

Oh … THX … I will check out! :wink:

How?! Via Junction?!