Better Performance: Give Option to remove unnecessary effects' eg;Birds flying, weather effects etc

My performance by tier 2 drops down to 30fps. by tier 3 it’s hardly playable as the fps continues to drop. I have a modest i7 PC, But as the town grows, so does the lag and difficulty scrolling the map.

It would be nice to be able to turn off all the visuals that aren’t specific to gameplay. Remove weather effects, Birds flying, animations to the houses and huts.

So long as I can see what I’m doing, I’d be happy to play at bear bone graphic’s.

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Have you tried unticking soft shadows, soft particles, foliage and depth of field to see if they make any difference?

I’ve got an Omen i7 and only sometimes get a bit of lag when I’m nearing T4 and 400+ population. Have to say lag/stuttering seems to vary a lot from machine to machine from what I’ve read here and on the Steam forum.

The things you mention have minimal impact on your performance as the game is largely CPU bound. You’d gain a lot of frames if we turned off villagers for example, haha. Optimization is going to have the biggest impact in the future.

What CPU do you have?