Better selection and squad control

I had a situation recently. My hunters had better weapons then my soldier. They are also pretty decent fighters against raiders. I have 15 hunters in total. And it is pretty lame that I can not able to select them all in one click. It would be amazing if I could do that from a profession panel. Or by pressing the ctrl + double click on a person and if it has a profession all of the same kind would be selected.

The same with soldiers. It would be amazing if I could control and select 1 squad. The squad can be formed in the barracks. It can be mixed or it can be solid whatever the player wants.
Selecting all archers and all swordsmen is good for a big army, but in my case, I needed a mixed squad, because I did not have enough money and it was just enough to destroy one raider’s camp with small blood.

Instead no I need to go to the barracks and select an area with a mouse and now I have control over my squad.

It would be also amazing if I could center my camera to my squad by some button. I mean sometimes it is really hard to find them on the map

With v0.9.2, you can bind any combination of soldiers to control groups, and select/center the camera on them with the keybind.

Damn! I did not know that! Thanks!

But can I assign hunters to the control group as well?
I mean it would be a shame not to use such power.